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Best MSP Software Compared By Crazy Egg

Best MSP Software Compared By Crazy Egg

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Our team of experts spent weeks researching over 75+ of the best managed service provider (MSP) solutions and ultimately narrowed down the top five. We’ve concluded that ManageEngine is the best option for most businesses because of its popularity, reputation, and extensive product offerings for MSPs with different needs. This guide will help you find the best MSP software for your organization. 

The Best MSP Software for Most


Best MSP Software for Most

ManageEngine has eight different software solutions for MSPs. Depending on your clients and services, you can use one tool or select multiple options to accommodate your needs. It’s perfect for MSPs of all sizes and allows you to scale without limitations.

Trusted by 180,000+ businesses in 190 countries, ManageEngine is one of the most popular and reputable MSP solutions in existence. The software is secure, scalable, and built for MSPs in different categories with unique needs. 

ManageEngine has MSP solutions for remote monitoring, endpoint management, mobile device management, service desk management, network and server monitoring, cloud monitoring, password management, and more. Choose one, or select multiple tools to build a custom MSP software suite for your business. 

The Best MSP Software Options to Consider:

ManageEngine — The Best MSP Software for MostAtera — Best for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)LogicMonitor — Best for Network Infrastructure and Cloud MonitoringConnectWise Command — Best NOC (Network Operations Center) Services for MSPsMSP360 — Best Backup Software for MSPs

When it Makes Sense to Invest In MSP Software

MSP software isn’t for everyone. There are certain rules and buying triggers that you should look for before you invest in one of the tools on our list.

The first instance is directly tied to your clients. If the demands of your clients are growing and your IT team can’t keep pace, MSP software will lighten the load for your technicians. MSP software can reduce the need for administrative support and automates tedious tasks. 

Another scenario that would require MSP software investment is monitoring efficiency. If you’re having a hard time meeting contract obligations, SLAs, or you’re not quite gaining enough visibility into the services you’re providing, MSP software can make this easier. With remote monitoring capabilities, real-time alerts, and other powerful features, MSP software gives you full control over RMM for your clients. 

It’s also common for businesses to invest in MSP software when they start using too many platforms for different purposes. It’s a hassle and typically ineffective if your team has to constantly bounce back and forth between multiple screens and software. But MSP tools consolidate everything into a single source of truth.

You can handle everything from network monitoring to client billing, automated workflows, integrations, and more within a single MSP software solution. 

#1 – ManageEngine Review — The Best for Most


Best MSP Software for Most

ManageEngine has eight different software solutions for MSPs. Depending on your clients and services, you can use one tool or select multiple options to accommodate your needs. It’s perfect for MSPs of all sizes and allows you to scale without limitations.

ManageEngine is the best MSP software for the vast majority of managed service providers. This provider ranks so high on our list because they offer something for everyone. 

The offerings allow MSPs to improve security, provide better uptime to clients, reduce risks, and handle compliance. You can also use ManageEngine to proactively approach IT issues while managing client infrastructures remotely. 

In total, ManageEngine has eight different MSP software solutions for you to choose from. Here’s a brief overview of each option explaining the top features and highlights.

RMM Central — Starts at $345 per Technician or $1,195 for 50 Devices

On-premises remote monitoring and managementEnd-to-end visibility into client networksAbility to detect and deploy missing patchesRemote control and device troubleshootingReal-time alerts for client networks

Desktop Central MSP — Free for Small MSPs (Request for Enterprise Pricing)

On-premises tool for holistic endpoint managementSupports all major operating systems for each endpointIntegrates with helpdesk tools for SLA managementAbility to troubleshoot and control devices from anywhereBaselines for client environment managementCustom reportsClient billing tools

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP — Starts at $12 per Device (Free for 25 Devices)

Unified console with client segmentationAbility to manage iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and LinuxEnforce security policiesAbility to lock down devicesTroubleshoot devices remotelyLocation tracking and remote commands for non-compliant devices

ServiceDesk Plus MSP — Starts at $1,445

Complete service management suite for help desks and service desksSupport multiple clients from a central consoleEasy to troubleshoot incidentsAbility to remotely manage client workstationsCentral location to manage contracts and purchasesCoordinate field service workers and deploy them to client locations

OpManager MSP — Starts at $795

Enhance client network performanceFoolproof fault managementRobust reporting on client network performanceRole-based user managementManage multiple clients with custom automations

Site24x7 — Starts at $9 per month (30 Day Free Trial)

Cloud-based remote monitoringMonitor uptime and performance of client websites and client APIsSet up automatic remediation actions for specific alarmsAbility to share custom reports and dashboards with clientsCreate a white-label client portalSupports network monitoring, application performance monitoring, and end-user monitoring

PAM360 — Starts at $7,995

Privileged access management and privileged account managementRemote access provisioningPrivilege escalationsSSL, TLS, and SSH key certificate managementSession managementDevOps and cloud security

Password Manager Pro — Starts at $595

Web-based privileged account managementSecure way to store client passwordsAuto reset for passwordsPassword access visibilityEstablish direct connection to client networks

Saying ManageEngine has it all would be a drastic understatement. To get started, connect with their experts and let them know which MSP software solutions you’re interested in. You can request a demo and get a custom quote.

#2 – Atera Review — The Best For Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)


Best MSP Software for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Feature-rich and affordable MSP software ideal for remote monitoring and management. The platform supports root-cause analysis, file transfers, patch management, and everything else you need to proactively monitor clients.

Atera MSP software specializes in RMM—remote monitoring and management. This solution gives managed service providers more control over clients without the extra hassle.  

Atera’s RMM system allows your team to be proactive and identify client issues before they become a bigger problem. The software supports patch management, root-cause analysis, and more.

You’ll also be connected to your clients from anywhere with remote access support. This includes file transfers and multi-screen monitoring, 

Atera supports an unlimited number of devices and agents. Subscriptions are billed on a per technician basis based on the features you need. There are three plans to consider:

Pro — $79 per month per technicianGrowth — $119 per month per technicianPower — $149 per month per technician

You’ll also benefit from features like real-time alerts, network discovery, contract and SLA management, IT automation, and more.

Try Altera free for 30 days.

#3 – LogicMonitor Review — Best For Network Infrastructure and Cloud Monitoring


Best MSP Software for Network Infrastructure and Cloud Monitoring

Lightweight, agentless technology that gives you complete visibility into your IT infrastructure. The software is secure, easy to scale, and comes with 2,000+ preconfigured integrations. Use LogicMonitor to keep an eye on every aspect of your network infrastructure.

LogicMonitor is an automated platform for network infrastructure monitoring.

It gives MSPs complete visibility into networks, servers, clouds, and everything else through a simple unified console. 

The software is lightweight, so it won’t bog down your network or interfere with client performance. But it’s also easy to scale and does all of the heavy lifting for your IT professionals.

Using agentless tech, LogicMonitor is highly secure and holds up to strict third-party security standards. The platform supports 2,000+ pre-built integrations out of the box, so you can automate cloud monitoring processes.  

From cloud services to network workflows, on-site servers, and more, LogicMonitor is an easy way to monitor every component of your hybrid IT infrastructure. 

There are two packages to consider—Pro and Enterprise. Reach out to the LogicMonitor team for a custom quote, and try it for free.

#4 – ConnectWise Command Review — The Best NOC (Network Operations Center) Services for MSPs

ConnectWise Command

Best NOC (Network Operations Center) Services for MSPs

ConnectWise Command offers 24/7/365 expert NOC services for MSPs. This gives you on-demand access to IT professionals. If you want to fill the skills gaps within your in-house IT team, ConnectWise Command is a cost-effective solution.

ConnectWise is a reputable name within the MSP software space. They have a wide range of products and solutions for different types of managed service providers.

But ConnectWise Command delivers a unique offering that you don’t see with all MSP software—network operations center (NOC) services.

This software gives you complete access to a fully staffed NOC team and advanced remote monitoring tools. 

If you’re struggling to find top-level IT talent or don’t have the resources to scale your IT center, ConnectWise Command closes those skills gaps for your organization. You’ll benefit from 24/7/365 IT expertise on-demand. 

The NOC services give you quick resolutions without the costs associated with training and staffing new IT professionals in-house. 

ConnectWise Command testimonials speak for themselves. Customers describe the software as “working quietly 24/7 without aggravation.” One customer explains that if something happens on a Saturday night, it gets fixed on Saturday night—not Monday morning.

Request a custom quote to get started.

#5 – MSP360 Review — The Best Backup Software for MSPs


Best Backup Software for MSPs

Manage backups and restores in just 15 minutes. MSP360 supports all major public cloud providers. White label the software and offer backups to your clients using your own name and brand identity. You’ll also have access to expert tech support 24/7/365.

MSP360 is another solution with a highly specialized product offering—it’s a backup solution designed specifically for managed service providers. 

Formerly Cloudberry Lab, MSP360 is a simple and profitable way for managed service providers to handle backups. 

You’ll be able to manage backups and recovery for clients in just 15 minutes. Even better, you can handle all of this under your own name with your own style and brand identity. This white labeling capability adds that extra level of personalization for your clients.

MSP360 provides a centralized management console for all backups, users, endpoints, restore jobs, and more. 

The platform supports all major public cloud providers like AWS, Wasabi, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, and more. 

If you run into any problems, MSP360’s expert tech support is available 24/7/365. 

Request a quote to get started. You can get free backups for 90 days if you switch to MSP360.

Methodology For Choosing The Best MSP Software

There are certain factors that we used to narrow down the best solutions in this category. But not all of these will pertain to every managed service provider. 

Consider the following criteria as a buying guide for MSP software. This will help you find the best MSP tools to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. 

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

RMM is a crucial component of MSP software. This allows organizations to manage multiple clients simultaneously from a single dashboard. 

You’ll get real-time notifications and alerts for outages, downtime, or other potential problems. These solutions even let you automate certain tasks and provide proactive service to your clients. 

The vast majority of businesses seeking MSP software will want remote monitoring features. 

Help Desk and IT Service Desk Capabilities

If clients are having problems with the service you’re offering, you can use MSP software to manage tickets. This helps streamline your support and reduces the need for a service desk coordinator. 

With that said, not everyone needs MSP software with help desk features. 

For those of you who are already using a dedicated service desk platform, you don’t necessarily need to switch. 

MSP software already has tons of functionality built-in, and it reduces the need for using multiple platforms. However, if your help desk agents don’t share the same responsibilities as your general IT technicians, you can keep these solutions separate. 

Client Account Management

MSP software lets organizations manage multiple clients from a single interface. 

Beyond things like monitoring, ticketing, and alerts, there are even tools for contract management, billing, SLAs, and more. You can even set up per-account expenses and track how profitable each account is. 

This feature is really important if you want deeper insights into each client that you’re working with. But if your organization is a bit smaller and your account managers are comfortable using other tools for this, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as you’re comparing options. 


Best MSP Software for Most

ManageEngine has eight different software solutions for MSPs. Depending on your clients and services, you can use one tool or select multiple options to accommodate your needs. It’s perfect for MSPs of all sizes and allows you to scale without limitations.


ManageEngine is the best MSP software for most businesses. They offer eight different solutions for organizations with varying needs.

If you’re seeking an MSP tool for RMM, look no further than Atera. LogicMonitor is our top recommendation for network infrastructure and cloud monitoring software.

For NOC services, check out ConnectWise Command. If you need an MSP backup solution, MSP360 will be your best option.

Regardless of your needs, this guide can help you find the best MSP software for your organization.

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