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Best Managed WordPress Hosting Compared and Reviewed

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Compared and Reviewed

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Managed WordPress Hosting can be a powerful choice for established sites that are seeing lots of growth. That’s why today we’re looking at the top managed WordPress options out there for you to sift through if you’re considering going the managed route. Lots of hours and research went into determining what the best plans out there were for WordPress-powered sites. The clear winner in the race? None other than WPEngine— because of how robust its managed WordPress plans are starting at just $22.50. 

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Most

WP Engine

Best for most

WP Engine is built specifically for WordPress, has 19 dedicated servers, and offers 20 customized plans. No better option exists for most WordPress users.

WPEngine’s full-time engineering staff work around the clock to ensure the speed and quality of your WordPress site. If you’re looking for a cheap host that compromises on quality, WPEngine isn’t your best bet. What makes WPEngine stand out on our list of managed hosting providers is the fact that it’s specifically designed for WordPress. Quick and seamless site migrations, 24/7 dedicated support, as well as the ability to set up staging sites for any changes you want to make are only some of the useful tools WPEngine offers. We go more in-depth below. 

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Options to Consider

WP Engine – Best for mostBluehost – Best for hosting unlimited sitesSiteGround – Best for beginner sitesBigScoots – Best for high traffic sitesPresslabs – Best for cloud-native hostingNexcess – Best for ecommerce sites

When It Makes Sense to Invest In Managed WordPress Hosting

As a beginner, you definitely aren’t in need of managed WordPress hosting. The increased access to developer tools, higher bandwidth, and the allocated disk space will probably go unused if you’ve only a site with a few posts and triple-digit traffic numbers.

The need to manage, add additional security, and speed up your website usually comes when it’s grown in size and is in need of more resources. Granted, there is no right or wrong way to start a website.

If you decide you want to jump straight to managed hosting then you can go for it. It’s still worth it, though, to point out that you could be saving money if you decide to go with a more basic hosting tier and work your way up to managed hosting as your site grows.

Managed WordPress hosting means your hosting provider manages the upkeep of your site and server in the background for you, which can seem appealing if you’re looking for such services. For instance, keeping your WordPress site up to date and backed up can be taken care of for you with a reliable managed hosting plan— meaning this is one less thing for you to worry about. 

In short, if you have the money to invest in managed WordPress hosting you can definitely do so. The only real con with managed hosting is it tends to be more expensive. Beyond simply wanting or needing the perks that come with managed hosting, the cost is probably the biggest factor in deciding whether it makes sense for you to invest in managed WordPress hosting or not. 

#1 – WP Engine — The Best for Most

WP Engine

Best for most

WP Engine is built specifically for WordPress, has 19 dedicated servers, and offers 20 customized plans. No better option exists for most WordPress users.

1.2 million websites around the world trust WPEngine as, well, the engine for their WordPress site. It offers a ton of server locations to the tune of about 19 so you can be sure your site will load quickly and effortlessly no matter where in the world it’s accessed from.

With WPEngine, you can be sure to encounter solid site performance from a host that’s built specifically for WordPress in more ways than one. If you want a dedicated server option though, you’ll have to opt for its custom plan. 


WPEngine gets a bit more granular with its managed plans so you can find something that fits your budget closely once you look through either its Managed Hosting tiers or its Managed Hosting Plus plans. Here’s a look at each. 

Managed Hosting

Startup – $20 a month billed annuallyProfessional – $39 a month billed annuallyGrowth – $76 a month billed annuallyScale – $193 a month billed annuallyCustom – Get in touch

Managed Hosting Plus

Startup – $22 a month billed annuallyProfessional – $42 a month billed annuallyGrowth – $83 a month billed annuallyScale – $206 a month billed annuallyCustom – Get in touch

The small hike in each tier’s monthly price between the Managed Hosting and the Managed Hosting Plus tier basically comes down to offering double the features for each tier. 

You’ll want to look through each tier closely to see which tools and features are must-haves for your site instead of nice-to-haves. If in doubt, you can always talk with its chat support team. 

Get started with WPEngine here. 

#2 – Bluehost — The Best for Hosting Unlimited Sites


Best for hosting unlimited sites

Want unlimited sites and traffic, 100+ themes, and extra security starting at only $20/month? Bluehost delivers all that and more.

You might’ve already heard of Bluehost as one of the giants in the hosting space. It offers great beginner deals for shared hosting, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the managed WordPress hosting department either. 

For less than $20, Bluehost enables you to affordably host an unlimited number of sites on a managed WordPress plan. It doesn’t fall short as far as the tools it offers either, with over 100 free WordPress themes, no traffic limits, daily site backups, and added security features included.

Though people’s experience with Bluehost tends to be varied, there’s no doubt Bluehost offers affordable plans that can help your site scale.  


Build – $19.95 a monthGrow – $29.95 a monthScale – $49.95 a month

If you’re looking to host a fleet of managed WordPress sites with robust tools at an affordable price, Bluehosts’ Build plan helps you make that a reality. 

It’s key to note here that all its managed hosting tiers come with:

Unlimited websitesUnlimited storageStaging environmentUnlimited subdomainsNo traffic limits

In the end, a big deciding factor in which tier you’ll want to go with will depend on the added tools that come with each tier. For instance, its more popular tier, Grow, comes with Jetpack Premium as part of the plan. Not bad at all for the price point. 

Get started with Bluehost here. 

#3 – SiteGround — The Best for Beginner Sites


Best for beginner sites

Looking for an affordable, accessible beginner option for managed WP hosting? SiteGround offers robust management and acclaimed customer service for only $6.99/month.

With SiteGround, being an early-stage site doesn’t mean shelling out tons of cash for access to a managed hosting solution. Its StartUp tier starts at an eye-opening $4.99 per month—which is great for affordable access to more robust site management for a single site.

A site in its early stages with about 300 page views a month can easily get away with a Siteground StartUp plan which allows 10GB of web space, a free migration, free SSL, and daily backups.

Along with being affordable, SiteGround also has a reputation for being the hosting provider sites jump ship to after having bad experiences elsewhere. Keep in mind SiteGround’s managed WordPress hosting approach is a little more DIY—which is great for webmasters that know what they’re doing—though they do offer around-the-clock support in case you’d need it. 


StartUp – $4.99 a monthGrowBig – $7.99 a monthGoGeek – $14.99 a month

Across the board, SiteGround makes it affordable and easy to go with a managed WordPress hosting plan. 

Visit their website to check out the full list of features and get started with them here. 

#4 – BigScoots — The Best for High Traffic Sites


Best for high traffic sites

A million or more visitors per month? No problem! BigScoots is built to bring big bandwidth and stellar speed together.

Do you have a WordPress site that’s getting tons of traffic? BigScoots is a managed WordPress solution that’s built and optimized for speed. As you might already know, speed is a highly determining SEO factor that determines how well your site ranks in search engine results. 

BigScoots knows this and remedies the management of your WordPress solution by offering a lean hosting service that optimizes your site’s load times as well as its security and its ability to scale. Its US-based support team is within reach around the clock to answer any pending questions. 

As a managed WordPress host, our favorite feature about BigScoots isn’t how reliable it is a hosting service regardless of the type of hosting plan you choose, but how much bang you get for your buck. 

For instance, its Business tier is equipped to handle mega sites with an estimated 1.5 million monthly visits for only $248.95 monthly. Not only that, it comes with 200GB of storage. That’s not something a lot of hosting providers can measure up to. Along with the focus on speed, BigScoots is up there as a reliable managed WordPress solution you can’t go wrong with. 


Starter – $34.95 a month Professional – $98.95 a monthBusiness – $248.95 a monthEnterprise – Get in touch with the team

Choosing the appropriate managed tier with BigScoots really comes down to the amount of storage you’ll need and how much traffic your site is getting. For anything over 1.5 million, you’ll want to get in touch with its team for a more personalized plan.

 The good thing is its support team always answers any questions you may have quickly and without long wait times. So speed doesn’t only appear in its hosting solutions, but in the support it provides. 

Ready to get started with BigScoots? Sign up and get started here. 

#5 – Presslabs — The Best for Cloud-Native Hosting


Best for cloud-native hosting

If you’re looking to scale up or already receive millions of page views, taking your managed hosting to the cloud is well worth the investment. At Presslabs, that’s their specialty.

Cloud-native hosting is the name of the game for Presslabs as it provides top-notch managed hosting for WordPress sites that experience high traffic numbers daily. 

It’s all about “democratizing” WordPress hosting by taking infrastructure complexity out of the equation for better performance and scalability—which is where the cloud feature comes into play.

Presslabs is designed to specifically handle the varied and often complex needs of enterprise-level sites and ecommerce operations. Presslabs, as a managed WordPress solution, prides itself on how scalable it can be and its ability to be highly adaptable to any site’s backend workflow. 

Does your site boast 6 million page views in an hour? Does it handle 150k real time visitors almost at once? Then Presslabs is definitely a solution worth looking into. 

In short, this isn’t a managed WordPress solution for beginners or the faint of heart, but for brands and huge organizations that want to ensure their online presence on a reliable and scalable cloud platform. Moreover, the prices reflect that, as Presslab’s most affordable plan starts at $99 a month. 


Publisher Start – $99 monthlyPublisher Plus – $299 monthlyPublisher Pro – $599 monthly

Get started with Presslabs here. 

#6 – Nexcess — The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Ecommerce


Best for Ecommerce

Hands down the best for ecommerce needs, Nexcess managed WP hosting comes with a bevy of useful features on all plans. Get better security on your site for shoppers while also boosting page load speeds so as to never miss out on a sale. Plus, migrate any site over to Nexcess for free to reap the benefits.

If you’re leaning on WordPress for more than a blog, you need more from your managed hosting. Web stores in particular will benefit from the managed WordPress hosting packages from Nexcess.

You’ll get the level of support you’d expect from managed hosting alongside a fleet of included features that will bolster your ecommerce site’s speed, security, and overall capability. And you get all of them on every Nexcess plan, from its entry-level offering all the way up to its souped-up Enterprise tier.

At its foundation, Nexcess delivers attention to detail in managed WordPress hosting. Core and plugin updates are automatic, meaning you’re never left with the security vulnerability of outdated versions of either. That’s enhanced by free SSL certificates and the no-cost inclusion of iThemes Security Pro.

That takes a lot of the stress off your plate in terms of ensuring a secure shopping experience for your customers. Your web store on Nexcess hosting is always being monitored for security issues that can be fixed before they become a problem.

Nexcess also includes their own content delivery network for your site. You also get built-in image compression, premium caching, and lazy image loading. Together, your site’s content will be loaded for visitors in the blink of an eye. No more worrying about shoppers never making a purchase because of poor load times while browsing or at checkout.

That array of features should keep your ecommerce site performing at tip-top shape. But, if ever it’s not living up to the billing, Nexcess’ fantastic customer support will help you troubleshoot and improve your site performance. They’re pros at maximizing and supporting WordPress ecommerce platforms like Magento.

Maybe best of all, Nexcess plans are built with growth in mind. Each allows for autoscaling, so if you’ve got a big sale on your web store, you can sidestep any limits for short, temporary periods and handle the crush of new traffic.

Nexcess has a wide array of plans to choose from. Pick one to start with based on how mature your current ecommerce site is.

Spark is entry-level and provides you with all the features outlined above, 15 GB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth (which is very generous at this tier) for one website. Pay monthly and get a deal on your first six months—$9.50 per month, then $19 per month each month after six—or pay for the year upfront for $190.

Plans from there scale up in number of websites, storage capacity, and total bandwidth, all the way up to 250 sites, 800 GB storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth at the Enterprise tier.

And, no matter your current size or ideal Nexcess plan, you get free site migrations as well.

Give yourself and your shoppers piece of mind and a stress-free experience. Go with Nexcess managed WordPress hosting for your ecommerce store.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

How exactly do you go about finding the best managed WordPress hosting plan you can find? For starters, you’ve landed on this guide. So the majority of the work has already been done for you.

But at Crazy Egg, we’re all about research and getting down to the details about everything we review. So, it’s only natural we advise that you put aside time to do your own research and compare and contrast what each provider offers at different price points. 

However, if you want to get deeper into features, here are key criteria to watch for, when looking through potential managed WordPress hosting plans that were in large part what we looked through to create this guide.

Resource allocation

A huge upside of managed WordPress hosting is that more resources are allocated to your site. That way speed is optimized, there is less risk of downtime, and you get more storage space to ensure your site has room to grow. 

All WordPress-managed hosting plans will offer more resources. Where they vary is the amount and sometimes the quality. This is where you ultimately have to do some comparison shopping to get the best deal possible for your specific needs.


Often, different providers will outright recommend a traffic range for their managed WordPress hosting plans. This can be a quality pointer when you’re new to the hosting world and you’re wondering which managed hosting solution would fit your website best.

When you’re checking out managed WordPress hosting plans, take note of traffic caps. These are the key factors that can affect how well a managed WordPress solution works for you. When in doubt, I highly recommend you reach out to sales and support specialists for more information on any given plan you’re considering. 


Reputation goes a long way in indicating whether a solution works as well as they say it does. It’s no different when you’re looking at hosting plans. Reviews, forums, and public communities can give you insight into the reputability of host companies.

While some are bound to be more reliable than others, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Past and current customers have no problem talking about providers who are riddled with issues or known for poor customer support. It seems like a no-brainer, but reputation can be easily overlooked if you have a shiny new plan dangled in front of you promising the world. 

Checking out YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for candid accounts on the provider you’re considering can be worth it. 

WP Engine

Best for most

WP Engine is built specifically for WordPress, has 19 dedicated servers, and offers 20 customized plans. No better option exists for most WordPress users.


When it comes to reliable managed WordPress hosting solutions, you definitely have options that come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to look through each plan to truly get a feel for what fits your site’s needs best. The problem is, you might not always have the time, so here’s a quick recap:

Our number one pick is WPEngine for all-around reliable managed WordPress hosting that was built specifically for WordPress sites. BigScoots is a contender for managed WordPress hosting that optimizes for site speed and uptime, no matter your size. 

If you have a webstore running on WordPress, go with Nexcess. From top to bottom, their plans offer the best security, speed enhancement, and support for your needs.

Bluehost is great for a fleet of sites that need managed WordPress hosting at a great price point. SiteGround is a solid choice for entry-level sites with daily traffic numbers in the triple digits that are after an affordable managed solution. Finally, you’ll want to look at Presslabs for a cloud-native approach to managed hosting for sites with high amounts of traffic. 

Still not sure what choice to make? Bookmark this guide to revisit when you’re ready to make your final decision. 

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