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Best Live Chat Software Compared and Reviewed by Crazy Egg

Best Live Chat Software Compared and Reviewed by Crazy Egg

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Live chat software is the leading contact method for communication, beating out old-school methods like phone, email, and social media. After researching and testing dozens of live chat solutions, we identified Webchat by Podium as the best option out there. It comes with a completely customizable live chat widget, plus you can text with potential clients and customers after they leave their computers to continue the conversation on the go.

The Best Live Chat Software for Most

Webchat by Podium

Best for Most

Fully customizable live chat widget that allows you to text with customers and visitors after they leave their computer. Includes an autoresponder, canned responses, complete widget customization, integrations with your CRM, multi-location support, and in-depth reporting for free.

Webchat by Podium is our top pick because of how easy it is to use without sacrificing functionality. All you have to do to get started is add a piece of code to your website, customize your live chat widget, integrate with your CRM, and you’re good to go. With it, you can easily set up canned responses, an autoresponder, and more to automate the live chat experience and free up more of your time.

To sweeten the deal, the software also lets you text with visitors and customers after they leave your website to stay in touch and deliver a seamless experience. Did we mention it’s free?

The 10 Best Live Chat Software Options to Consider:

Podium Webchat – Best for most usersHubSpot Live Chat – Best free live chat softwarePure Chat – Most effortless way to add live chat servicesOlark – Best for anticipating customer issuesSendinblue – Best for converting visitors to email subscribersLiveChat – Best for converting website visitors into buyersLiveAgent – Best for 24/7 problem solvingChaport – Best for improving the bottom of your sales funnelTrengo – Best for reducing the avalanche of customer support ticketsSocial Intents – Best if you’re already using Slack or Microsoft Teams

When It Makes Sense to Invest into Live Chat Software

Live chat software makes it easier than ever to boost online client and customer support. It’s also beneficial for your sales team to get in touch with prospective customers as they browse your website. It provides another convenient channel for people to get in touch with you, one that can be always-on and even AI-driven, if you so choose.

This is especially true if you’re an ecommerce website or selling services online. Live chat boosts conversion rates by helping your team strike while the iron is hot—that is, while a website visitor is curious or primed to buy.

At the end of the day, a service or sales agent can only speak on the phone with one person at a time. But that same agent can manage multiple online chats simultaneously. 

Even if you don’t have a dedicated support or sales team, you can still implement live chat on your website, thanks to tools like chatbots. They can help assist customers until a human team member can respond. 

#1 – Podium Webchat — Best Live Chat Software for Most

Webchat by Podium

Best for Most

Fully customizable live chat widget that allows you to text with customers and visitors after they leave their computer. Includes an autoresponder, canned responses, complete widget customization, integrations with your CRM, multi-location support, and in-depth reporting for free.

Podium has altered the live chat industry in countless ways through its innovative platform.

What makes Podium so unique is how you can text customers and stay connected from anywhere. And it’s so simple to implement. All you have to do to get started is place a piece of code on your website, customize your live chat widget, integrate it with your CRM, and you’re good to go.

If you have ever had a problem that needed solving in a New York minute, you know the stress of playing phone tag or waiting on answers because the availability of your provider was under time constraints.

Podium makes this a non-issue because your team can always be there to help your customers, whether they’re in the office or only have their mobile on them. This ability makes your business support superior. 

In the live chat window, visitors enter their phone number to initiate a conversation with you.

From there, you can text them to answer their questions, schedule appointments, close deals, and stay in touch after they leave their computer.

This also improves closing sales and the management of problems customers are confused about, while showing your business cares how issues get resolved. 

And because you handle problems so quickly, your company’s reviews will be fantastic. Podium makes it so simple to get and manage the reviews your business needs to grow. Simply send a review link in the chat and navigate customers towards leaving a rave review in real time after you have helped them solve an issue. 

It’s a no-hassle way to build your collection of glowing customer reviews. 

Furthermore, Webchat contains a wide range of robust features, including:

Accurate tracking with Google AnalyticsAutomatically send warm leads to your CRMTransfer conversations from one location to anotherDaily performance emailsSmart canned responsesAn autoresponder

To top it off, you can start supporting your customers and leads via SMS today… without paying a penny.

Sign up for a free account to get started with Web Chat today!

#2 – HubSpot Live Chat — Best Free Live Chat Software

HubSpot Live Chat

Best Free Live Chat Software

HubSpot offers live chat with its robust free-forever CRM software. Live chat capabilities include chatbots, custom branding, targeted welcome messages, meeting scheduling, canned responses, dozens of integrations, and more. Get everything you need to empower your team and streamline live chat processes.

HubSpot is a brand that has been trusted for years and for good reason. And, now, HubSpot Live Chat is a part of HubSpot’s free forever CRM. 

What is so great about this freemium live chat service is you don’t even need to use the CRM to take advantage of the live chat services HubSpot provides its users. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to risk resources or revenue to decide if a chatbot is right for your business. 

And this free service can instantly give you feedback on if it’s successful for you or not. 

You get outstanding features and benefits, like custom branding, targeted welcome messages, and scheduling meetings. HubSpot Live Chat delivers everything you need from a live chat solution and gives your chatbot a very professional look as visitors interact with your website. 

Chat with visitors, prospective leads, and customers in real time while automatically routing messages to the right team. 

You can also leverage existing information you have about repeat visitors to personalize their live chat experience.

As such, customer interactions feel natural and on-brand.

You also get everything you need to manage your chat inbox with ease. All chats are stored in a universal inbox with enhanced data, so every conversation happens within context and in a timely manner.

With HubSpot’s live chat software, users can easily:

Follow up with visitorsTake notes about their conversationsMake phone callsTurn conversations into tasksAutomatically create support tickets

All of this is possible from within your universal chat inbox.

This is, without a doubt, the most robust free chatbot service you can find. 

HubSpot’s chat platform can drastically improve your productivity and visitor experience overnight.  No more switching back and forth between hundreds of tabs trying to email, call, and chat with visitors.

Try HubSpot Live Chat for free today.

#3 – Pure Chat — Most Effortless Way to Add Live Chat Services

Pure Chat

Easiest to Implement

Pure Chat is a simple yet feature-rich live chat solution. It integrates with 1,000+ third-party apps and starts at $39 per month.

Pure Chat focuses on one thing and one thing only—and that’s live chat. For those of you looking for a simple live chat solution without all of the confusing bells and whistles, Pure Chat will be a top choice for you to consider. 

It’s enough work as it is starting and trying to build a successful business from the ground up. Whenever you can avoid complexity in your day, it’s a win. Pure Chat takes the guesswork out of implementing live chat so you can focus on what matters in your business.

Top features of Pure Chat include:

Unlimited chatCustomizable chat widgetNative iOS and Android appsSecurity rulesUnlimited chat history and transcriptsFile transferTrigger-based alerts and actionsReal-time analyticsVisitor tracking

There are only two simple plans to choose from—Growth and Pro, which start at $39 and $79 per month, respectively.  

Both of these are a great option for smaller businesses and support teams with just a handful of agents. The Growth plan includes four agents, and the Pro version comes with ten. Each plan comes with all of the features, but the Growth plan has Pure Chat branding on the widget and only supports one website. So if  you want to add your personal branding you need to go pro. 

You can customize the tool to accommodate your needs. Pure Chat integrates with 1,000+ apps like Slack, Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zoho, and more. Start using the dead simple way to leap into the world of live chat for your small business, or small team today with this simple yet feature-rich live chat solution.

You can try Pure Chat free for 30 days.

#4 – Olark — Best for Anticipating Customer Issues


Best for Anticipating Issues

Olark is a simple live chat tool for sales and marketing teams, starting at just $12 per agent. It comes with a built-in CRM, searchable chat transcripts, contextual notes, dozens of integrations, chat transfers, visitor activity tracking, automatic chat routing, canned responses, and more.

Olark is a simple live chat solution, which makes it a popular choice for smaller businesses and websites that are new to live chat. The ease-of-use makes building customer relationships seamless.

Where Olark really shines is in their searchable transcript technology. This best-in-class feature makes keeping tabs on customer issues simple and enhances the ability to address common problems other customers might face in the future. 

You can literally create a database of frequently solved issues so you can prevent them from happening later. 

By easily being able to search through chats and find issues customers have mentioned before, every agent can have a solution at the ready without a customer having to relive the problem they already talked about. Searchable transcript software can also help you build iterative new best practices for service. 

An agent simply reopens a previous chat, finds the problem plaguing the customer and manages the solution on the spot. 

The platform also integrates with SalesForce, HubSpot, Groove, HelpScout, MailChimp, WordPress, and Google Analytics. So regardless of the other tools you’re already using, adding Olark is a seamless process.

Plans start at just $12 per agent per month with a two-year contract. That rate jumps to $15 for an annual contract and $19 for month-to-month billing. 

Though it is not marketed as a support provider, Olark really makes teams’ lives much easier in solving problems. They are also stellar at bolstering sales and marketing efforts when your team is chatting with prospects about pricing and services you provide.

Try Olark free for two weeks.

#5 – Sendinblue — The Best for Converting Visitors to Subscribers


Best for Building Email Subscribers

Leverage email marketing, customer relationship management, and live chat tools all in one place. Free forever plan available. Paid plans start at $25 per month

Sendinblue is an email marketing engine with live chat, text messaging, and landing pages included in the service.

This live chat solution helps maximize conversation management and the growth of your business through email. Cold emailing is prehistoric in nature and has all but fizzled out as a marketing strategy. Autoresponders are hip to this approach and are protecting the users from spam.

Sendinblue cuts through the noise and helps you wield both email and chat messaging to drive visitors towards becoming long-term customers. 

This not only creates warm email connections with visitors for future marketing efforts, but also makes sure your emails will reach them because they will whitelist your business emails on the spot. So you know your emails will hit their inbox. 

They offer a free forever plan that includes:

Unlimited email contactsSend up to 300 emails a dayDrag-and-drop email designerLive chat widget for your websiteAdvanced audience segmentationTransactional emails and SMS messages1 shared inbox

Email is still the king of ROI. When you have a live chat widget on your website that primes visitors through great customer support, it will improve your customers’ amenability toward future email communications. 

Furthermore, their live chat feature is easy to install (in just a few seconds) and allows you to start conversations with visitors on your website.

And you can combine live chat with a wide variety of email marketing features to seamlessly meet your customers where they are. All without paying a single penny.

Sendinblue’s paid plans include:

Lite — $25 per monthPremium — $65 per monthEnterprise — Custom pricing

Rather than a free trial, you can sign up for a free forever plan to take Sendinblue for a test drive today.

#6 – LiveChat — Best for Converting Visitors into Buyers


Best for Converting Website Visitors

Trusted by 30,000+ businesses including Adobe, PayPal, and Ikea. Affordable and powerful live chat automations that enable you to focus on building strong relationships.

LiveChat is an all-in-one customer service platform. Over 30,000+ businesses like Ikea, Mercedes, Adobe, and PayPal trust LiveChat for their customer support needs.

LiveChat works by combining questions and chats from any platform you integrate it with into a single inbox, so your customer support team can answer them quickly and efficiently. That ability to see everything at a glance gives your team incredible agility to strike while the iron’s hot. 

When visitors make any sort of contact, you’re ready to provide the information they need to confidently purchase.

The software is state-of-the-art—LiveChat makes selling easy with features like product cards, custom forms, AI automation, and advanced sales analytics. All of which are available to use during live chats.

Their powerful AI tools let you automatically route inquiries to the right team, segment visitors, and generate leads. Some sales can be made directly from the chat software itself. 

This level of automation leads to more conversions and enables businesses to focus on building long-term relationships with their customers.

Here’s a quick overview of the LiveChat’s plans and pricing:

Starter — $16 per agent per monthTeam — $33 per agent per monthBusiness — $50 per agent per monthEnterprise — Custom pricing available

Each plan includes a built-in ticketing system, daily summaries, automated greetings, top-notch security, and 24/7/365 customer support.

Start your 14-day free trial to get started!

#7 – LiveAgent — The Best for 24/7 Problem Solving


Best 24/7 Problem Solving

LiveAgent is a full-service helpdesk tool with built-in ticketing and live chat support. Comprehensive free forever plan available. Paid plans start at just $15 with a free 14-day trial included.

When you have a business large or small that needs to manage problems your customers have, you want a support system that can create a solution at any time. Spaghetti-thin support is not going to keep your business thriving in today’s fast-paced, cut-throat business environment. 

As an all-in-one customer support solution that includes custom branded live chat, LiveAgent considers this on a level most live chat providers can only dream of. If your business needs to provide 24/7 helpdesk support for local or global customers, look no further.

Their helpdesk software helps you resolve queries quickly, boost productivity, and create a seamless customer experience from one platform to the next. And LiveAgent’s live chat feature naturally connects to its helpdesk solution. 

So, this is an easy way to proactively serve customers in a way that fits their needs. It makes conversation management simple for your team and keeps larger fires at bay. 

LiveAgent’s automation capabilities include the ability to easily assign tickets to the right agent on the fly, segment your audience, and use unique rules to build custom workflows.

Furthermore, LiveAgent’s chat widget is the fastest available on the market. It lets you instantly work with customers delivering the best possible customer experience.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive customer support solution you can start leveraging for free, LiveAgent is the way to go. Plus, you can upgrade to a paid plan in just a few clicks to access more advanced features.

Here’s a closer look at LiveAgent’s plans and pricing:

Free — $0 with limited featuresTicket — $15 per agent per monthTicket+Chat — $29 per agent per monthAll-Inclusive — $39 per agent per month

Try any paid plan free for 14 days to see if LiveAgent is the right choice.

#8 – Chaport — The Best for Improving the Bottom of Your Sales Funnel


Best for Bottom of the Funnel

Install live chat on your website for free with Chaport. The software also supports advanced features like in-depth visitor insights, file sharing, auto-invitations, advanced integrations, and unlimited chat history.

Chaport is all about increasing sales through better chat communication. They help your small business or startup incorporate the chat services they need to grow effortlessly. 

When you’re starting a business, you need to build your client base, close sales, and scale your business with the least amount of complexity. Chaport does this with customizable widgets that easily allow you to chat live or incorporate chatbots that automatically interact with visitors, solve problems quickly, and increase sales. 

This maximizes the efficacy of the bottom of your sales funnel because, once a question is quickly resolved, your visitor can make a buying decision with confidence.

And if you are not a large business that needs to offer live chat, the option for a chat bot is perfect, filling the void to always be present online to help your surging traffic. 

Furthermore, it’s incredibly affordable and you can start with the free forever plan until you’re ready to upgrade. The free plan has all of Chaport’s essential features including:

Use on unlimited websites with unlimited chats30-day chat historyWidget customizationBasic reporting and analyticsWeb, desktop, and mobile apps

The Premium plan is $15 per operator per month and the Business plan is $23 per operator per month, so upgrading is affordable as well. The Premium plan includes tools to improve operator efficiency like:

One-year chat historyAdvanced customization optionsAdvanced reportingAuto-invitationsGroup chatsSearch featuresTyping insightsCanned responsesFile sendingAdvanced integrations

You can also chat with your customers from any device including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more with instant synchronization from one device to the next.

So whether you’re looking for basic live chat or advanced chatbot features and in-depth visitor insights, Chaport has a solution for you.

Sign up to get started for free today.

#9 – Trengo — Best for Reducing the Avalanche of Support Tickets


Best for Reducing Support Tickets

Get everything you need to streamline support inquiries in one centralized inbox, regardless of where they come from. Includes powerful automation capabilities, collaboration tools, smart routing, internal chat, and more. Paid plans start at $18.20 per agent per month.

Customer support requests come in from all directions at all hours of the day. And without the right software running behind the scenes, your entire service department is pure chaos.

Thankfully, Trengo offers everything you need to streamline customer support inquiries into a unified inbox regardless of where they come from. This keeps the massive backlog of service tickets from becoming a daily burden your team stays awake at night about. 

If you look at helpdesk inquiries like a spiderweb, spreading across your company departments, you can see why having one unified inbox would be valuable. Service tickets don’t get lost, making it extremely easy on your team to manage tickets and quickly complete issues.

From Instagram and Facebook to WhatsApp, SMS, email, and everything in between, Trengo brings everything together in one centralized inbox that makes internal collaboration and speedy, personalized customer support a breeze.

As a result, your customers experience the best your support team has to offer—seamless transitions to the right reps, clear communication, and lightning-fast response times.

What also makes Trengo outstanding for your support team is the breathing room the software creates because of the built-in, zero-touch, self-service help center functionality. 

Zero-touch software gives customers the ability to solve some of their own problems, helping your team avoid tickets that don’t actually need to be tickets in the first place. Consequently allowing your team to concentrate even more on some of the bigger issues that might be plaguing other customers.  

Pricing is straight forward. Trengo offers three pricing tiers, based on the communication channels and features you need.

Those plans include:

Grow — $18.20/agent per month for five communication channelsScale — $30.30/agent per month for 50 communication channelsEnterprise — $42.50/agent per month for unlimited channels

On the Grow plan, you can have up to five agents. The Scale plan supports up to 100 agents, and the Enterprise plan is totally unlimited with access to every feature Trengo has to offer.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial to see if it’s right for your team today!

#9 – Social Intents — Best if You’re Using Slack or Microsoft Teams

Social Intents

Best if Using Slack or MS Teams

Unlock an easier way of staying on top of live chat. Seamlessly integrate Social Intents’ widget with your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels, so your reps never miss an opportunity to encourage a sale or resolve an issue.

We all know how much of a pain decentralized communication can be. Sometimes, it seems half your day is making rounds of checking multiple email inboxes, team chat, PM software notifications, and other messaging platforms.

Social Intents is the live chat tool that will reduce some of that headache for you.

That’s because it’s made with two of the most popular team messaging platforms—Slack and Microsoft Teams—in mind. Social Intents allows your team to chat with customers and website visitors directly within those two pieces of software.

And, it’s crazy easy to set up. After you’ve signed up, just connect Social Intents to Slack or MS Teams (it only takes one click on Social Intents’ homepage for that), embed the code for its live chat widget onto your website or landing page, and you’re all set.

Seriously, just two steps and your team will have unparalleled response times.

You can customize the channel that chat notifications and requests push to, as well, so reps don’t lose anything in the shuffle.  

And don’t worry about website compatibility. As we said, Social Intents just requires a simple code injection to display on most websites. Or, if you use WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce, just download and install the free plugin for whichever site platform you’re using.

The main appeal here is its fantastic integration with Slack and MS Teams, but Social Intents doesn’t slack off (pardon the pun) on live chat features.

You can set custom rules for live chat availability, timers that trigger notifications to website visitors, canned and automated responses, and detailed reporting.

Plus, with that ability to conduct chats in Slack and Teams, your reps can easily respond to inquiries on the fly from their mobile devices.

Social Intents offers a 14-day free trial before you have to commit to one of their paid plans:

Starter: $29/month — one widget, one domain, two agents, 150 chats/monthBasic: $49/month — two widgets, two domains, unlimited agents, 1,000 chats/monthPro: $99/month — six widgets, six domains, unlimited agents, 3,000 chats/monthBusiness: $199/month — 12 widgets, unlimited domains and agents, 6,000 chats/month

You unlock quick replies at the Basic tier and custom chatbots and custom-branded widgets at Pro.

If you’re using Slack or Microsoft Teams and have a need for live chat software, Social Intents is a no-brainer.

Give Social Intents a two-week test drive today.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Live Chat Software

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration as you’re shopping around and evaluating live chat solutions. 

We explain these features in greater detail below so you can weigh them according to your personal needs. 

Chatbot vs. Live Chat

When you begin your search for live chat software, it’s necessary to understand the differences between leveraging a chatbot or live chat functionality.


Chatbots automate your communication once it’s set up and customized to your brand. 

When you use chatbots, they help you simulate a larger staff than what you actually have. 

For example, customers who need answers to detailed questions can log on to your website 24/7 and get answers without having to wait for normal business hours. Chatbots give you the power to have unlimited personalized interactions at scale.

It’s time to give your business a sales team that never sleeps with chatbot integration that sells your products online seamlessly with no human interaction needed. 

Cart abandonment is a big problem in ecommerce. Chatbots can be used to offer incentives before a customer gets to the checkout or leaves the page.

You can offer free shipping, keep your customers interested by offering special promotions through your chatbot, and answer common questions about a product, helping them to confirm it’s the best purchase to make. 

Chatbots can even help after the sale. Give your customers the power to track orders and even streamline the return process, eliminating the need to wait on hold or email customer support. 

Live Chat

If you own a small business with an even smaller support team but you want to be more available to online visitors, incorporating live chat is the way to go. 

Unlike chatbots, you have a live person available to respond to your visitors’ questions. What’s great about live chat is the conversations you have with your visitors will uncover additional details to help your business grow. 

Pure Chat, for example, is built just for small business owners with a handful of support staff. Its live chat capability gives you real-time sales support data. 

So, even with a smaller salesforce, you can maximize every detail about the customer to improve your bottom line. 

And, if you have higher call volumes than you would like, live chat will slow that down and increase productivity, because agents can manage multiple conversations at one time with live chat.

Searchable Transcripts

Reputation is everything in business. One bad review can haunt you for a long time and cost you hundreds—if not thousands—in new revenue.

Imagine going on Facebook and seeing a full-page post about how your business doesn’t listen to its customers and how that customer chatted with three different agents but none of them knew about their issue. 

How much collateral damage will that cause for your brand and how much will that shake your current customers’ faith in you? 

On top of that, new customers will see it and immediately be hesitant to do business with you. Over 90% of shoppers have been dissuaded from purchasing because of a bad review.  

Searchable transcripts solve this problem by making sure every detail is stored when a customer interacts in your chat and that those details are retrievable with just a few clicks. Gather valuable data from interactions and search for previous chats to establish a baseline from a prior conversation.

Your agents will better understand the big problems your customers are facing and swiftly address them without a customer having to repeat themselves again and again.   

Searchable transcripts will confirm what several customers need and want from your business, thus helping with marketing efforts as well. Plus, it makes record keeping and reporting a snap.

If you want to keep improving your sales and support processes, get a live chat tool with transcripts like Olark. 

Conversation Management

Chatbots offer some amazing features, but none more beneficial than conversation management. 

Automation tools allow you to automatically route customers to the right team and separate the visitors to your website based on team members’ specialties. 

This helps generate leads and puts the right client in touch with the right agent to help them correctly the first time. 

Chatbots also help manage conversations through pre-sale marketing. This works by preventing incoming sales inquiries from being abandoned because of long wait times. A sales bot can be your visitors’ first point of contact, helping to drastically reduce response time and connect with customers before they think about leaving your site. 

Your sales chatbot can set up promotions your business is offering, answer common questions about the product, and proactively communicate details that will make your live chat agent more effective during the close of a sale. 

If you leverage ecommerce channels and also have a sales team on standby for further assistance, conversation management is an essential feature to consider. You can tailor messages based on web pages to personalize your customers’ experience even more, making them stay on the chat until your sales team agent is ready to close the deal.  


Custom branding for your chatbot and live chat software is very popular and many business owners love this feature.

But, be careful—there is a difference between live chat widget customization and custom branding for your website.

Branding incorporates your business website colors and logo in the chatbox for your website,  while advanced live widget customization can offer several other features, but does not include adding images for your logo or custom color schemes to match your website design. 

Branding is at the forefront of any business and including a chatbot or live chat without it is folly. 

Some live chat platforms make this easy for businesses who only care about setting up simple-to-use live chats, while others are a bit more robust. 

If you are looking for a simple way to brand your live chat experiences, consider the recommendations on this list, as they all offer custom options for your live chat and chatbot integration. 

Easy Review Requests

Online reviews are extremely critical to the success of your business. 

But, as a business owner, you know how valuable your time is. Gambling with it to call customers over the phone to ask for a review is expensive and inefficient, especially if you don’t get what you’re looking for. 

Sending emails is no better; you’re lucky if it makes it to their inbox. What’s worse is they may only read your email a week later, well after the freshness of their purchase has worn off, leading to a bland and flat review of the service you provided. 

Live chat makes getting that elusive, high-quality customer review much easier while your incredible service is fresh in their mind. The right chat tool will allow you to create your own script and easily send links to paying customers over chat or text to quickly get the review you want. 

You can even use pre-made templates to simplify the process even more. If you are a business owner who is having trouble getting solid reviews that enhance your credibility, live chat software will change the review request process for you virtually overnight. 


Live chat is about improving sales and creating a more efficient support team to help your customers. The right integrations make this a walk in the park, while a lack thereof limits your business growth. 

The live chat platforms on this list integrate with many of the popular CRMs seamlessly, keeping your customers’ data synced at all times. For example, a Salesforce integration can send leads directly from a live chat so you never miss out on a hot prospect again. SugarCRM can manage sales tasks directly from the chat, offering a more enjoyable buyer’s journey. 

If you use the HubSpot CRM, your team can easily manage contacts and create CRM records through the integration with LiveChat. This cuts out unnecessary steps in your workflow, saving time and revenue. 

It’s best to make sure your live chat tool offers all the integrations you need in order to make your life easier. Else, what’s the point of having this tool to begin with?

Webchat by Podium

Best for Most

Fully customizable live chat widget that allows you to text with customers and visitors after they leave their computer. Includes an autoresponder, canned responses, complete widget customization, integrations with your CRM, multi-location support, and in-depth reporting for free.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software lets you put a chat box on your website. They’re great for answering sales questions in order to get more buyers. They also help with quick support questions for your current customers.

Which live chat software is best?

We recommend Webchat by Podium. They have all the features you need like CRM integrations, autoresponders, widget customization to match your brand. Not only is it just as good as the other premium options, it’s completely free.

How much does live chat software cost?

Usually, it costs about $10-15 per agent per month. So a team of 10 agents will spend $1200 to $1800 per year on the tool. Or you can skip this by using a free option like Webchat by Podium.


So, which live chat software is right for you? The answer, of course, depends on your needs.

Hubspot Live Chat and Podium Webchat are our top recommendations for most users.

However, there are plenty of other excellent alternatives to consider. 

All the live chat solutions featured in this guide offer a free trial or the ability to request a free demo. So if you’re having trouble deciding, give them a try to evaluate their performance.

And don’t forget to use the methodology we talked about as you sort through finding the best live chat software for you and your customers.

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