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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs | Marketing-Ideas Marketing

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, you already know that joining an affiliate marketing program is one of the best ways to generate online revenue.

But what types of marketing programs will elevate your marketing platform to new levels? That’s exactly what our digital marketing agency is here to help you figure it out.

Stay tuned as we explore the best affiliate marketing program by type and place particular emphasis on niche industries. Let’s get started.

How Affiliate Marketing Programs Work

If you are new to the world of affiliate management and marketing, let’s see again how to start affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketing program is not really a program at all, but rather an agreement between a company and a subsidiary. The subsidiary may be another company or an online influencer who wants to market the company’s products or services to their audience – at a price.

The programs allow marketers to earn a steady commission in return for driving traffic to the company’s product pages. Typically, an affiliate marketer only earns a commission if a purchase is made, although some affiliate marketing programs also pay a commission, simply to drive traffic to the company’s website. Marketers can achieve this through web content such as:

Blogs Social media Video streaming

Often, marketers market products using product integration. Product integration is essentially a hidden product placement where the marketer takes a more authentic approach to selling the product. E.g:

Small Scale – A popular Youtuber who regularly talks about mental health in their videos can draw on their own experience when promoting an online therapy portal they have partnered with. Large Scale – A TV show can write an entire story about visiting a popular retailer, such as Target.

Either way, product placement is a more authentic form of advertising. And in today’s world, authentic means credible. This is partly why affiliate marketing is so fruitful.

Affiliate marketing also offers marketers a flexible and cost effective way to grow their brand. With an affiliate marketing program, marketers can also expand the reach of their marketing.

Select a niche to select an application

As an affiliate marketer, you have probably identified your target niche market. A marketing niche is an incredibly specific marketing strategy that is typically defined by a single product or service.

For example, as a motorcycle enthusiast and blogger, an affiliate marketer will target a niche market rather than the general population of motorcycle enthusiasts. A motorcycle blogger’s audience may be motorcycle enthusiasts working a 9-to-5 and are looking for a comfortable helicopter they can take on epic cross-country adventures during their annual two-week vacation. Or that audience may be sports bike fanatics who make extreme speeds a part of their daily lives.

In general, niches with evergreen value are the most profitable. These include:

Technology – Web hosting, games and software Health and fitness – Weight loss, yoga, lifestyle diets, CBD, essential oils and marijuana Lifestyle, home and family – Home security, home appliances, clothing and pet products. Financial – Cryptocurrency, investment, credit cards and mortgage companies

Take your niche into consideration when deciding which affiliate marketing program you want to join.

Best Tech Affiliate Marketing Programs

Technology is not only evergreen, it is constantly evolving – and the industry’s innovations do not seem to stop anytime soon. As such, tech-affiliated marketers are some of the biggest earners.

While there really is a wide range of tech affiliate marketing programs, we have put together three of the most reliable and profitable programs in biz:

Razer – Players across all platforms recognize the Razer brand as top guns in gaming equipment and accessories. It is elite and expensive, which means commissions are quite large even if you only get 5%. More specifically, the Razer Affiliate Program offers up to 10% of affiliate commission on sales of Razer products when a visitor makes a purchase through an affiliate link. Commissions are paid monthly and there are no registration fees. Logitech – More mainstream than Razer, Logitech offers a wide range of everyday technologies from wireless mice to Bluetooth speakers. Its marketing program offers the successful affiliate commission 4-10% commission on product sales. The affiliate links also have a 30-day cookie, which means that purchases made within 30 days of following the link count towards the affiliate commission. Customers’ orders average $ 125, which means higher commissions for affiliates.1 Microsoft – The multinational technology company offers a Microsoft 365 affiliate program where affiliate marketers can earn commissions by referring their audience to Microsoft 365 products. Once purchased, an affiliate earns a fixed dollar amount (USD) depending on which service the customer purchased. The highest price point is $ 20 for Microsoft 365 Business Premium. It is free to sign up, and associated with the link’s cookie life lasts 60 days. Marketers can also choose from a variety of content and banners that best represent their brand.

Of course, if your niche is environmental lighting, Razer, Logitech, and Microsoft affiliate marketing programs may not be the best choice for your brand or audience.

Helpful Hint: When choosing an affiliate marketing program that fits your niche, research the largest companies in that category to identify if they have an affiliate marketing program. If they do, you’ve found the right fit!

Best health and fitness related marketing programs

Health and fitness never go out of style. For those swimming in the world of Shavasana and veganism, here are a few top-earning health and fitness-related programs to consider participating in:

Fitbit – The electronics and fitness company is widely recognized and compatible with an equally wide range of devices. What does it mean? Naming means your audience is more likely to make a purchase. Subsidiaries can earn up to 3% on commissions. In addition, affiliates that lead larger numbers to the site are subject to higher prices. Fitbit also provides a WordPress plugin that lets affiliates add and manage multiple affiliate links from any application.2 Reebok – The sports and apparel company offers 7% on all click sales. In addition, each link has a 30-day cookie that allows affiliates to get credit on purchases made within 30 days of the original click. The program allows marketers to display Reebok’s products directly on their websites as well.3 Weight Watchers – The Weight Loss Program offers a $ 10 commission for each subscription. It has also partnered with Commission Junction, a third-party affiliate commission tracker, where affiliates can set up a secure account and create various banners and links to their affiliate platform.

Helpful Hint: In case of doubt, work with a company with big names. They are more likely to get clicks as they are a trusted name in the industry.

Best Affiliate Lifestyle Marketing Program

For those marketers who deal with lifestyle blogging (or vlogging), the number of affiliate marketing programs is as abundant as your online shopping cart, but there are, of course, a few that stand out. Let’s dive in.

Amazon Associates – The Amazon multinational marketplace is a treasure trove of products just waiting to be shipped to doors worldwide. As such, Amazon is a great partner for affiliate marketing. But what is the Amazon Affiliate Program exactly? Amazon affiliate marketing program, called Amazon Associates, offers a commission on product category, with the highest being 10% for luxury beauty products. The program also offers fixed interest earnings for referrals to its subscription services. ShareASale – Not a program, but a network, ShareASale connects affiliates to a wide range of lifestyle niche retailers, including home, fashion, wedding and sports products. This is a great opportunity for marketers to expand their reach while receiving a huge 20% payout. Awin – Like ShareASale, Awin connects affiliates to a global network of advertisers and publishers. In addition to home and lifestyle, Awin also includes dating, insurance and travel markets for bloggers looking to spread their wings.

Helpful Hint: An affiliate marketing program is primarily dependent on click purchases when calculating affiliate income, while a marketing network determines affiliates’ salaries according to the size of the marketer’s network. In addition, part of the commission is allocated to the network itself, as it acts as a third party.

Best Financial Affiliate Marketing Programs

For marketers immersed in Bitcoin and stock exchanges, you should consider an affiliate partnership with a financial institution when looking for an affiliate marketing program.

USAA Credit Cards – USAA already caters to a very specific niche: active and retired members of the military and their families. It also offers a range of financial products, from home insurance to auto loans. Affiliates can earn up to $ 25 in commissions for each referral to one of USAA’s services or policies. CIT Bank – CIT Bank offers a fixed interest rate of $ 100 per Lead to its financial products, which include personal loans, savings accounts, mortgages and commercial financing. Gusto – “G” in Gusto stands for generous. The payroll and software company that works with business owners offers its subsidiaries at least $ 100 for each referral from a small business owner. Gusto also offers a $ 50 commission for each auditor referral. The cookie period for each linked link also lasts 120 days, which increases the possibility of being paid. Gusto also has a team of professionals to help affiliates with promotions!

Helpful Hint: When deciding on the best affiliate program for you, identify the type of software each program uses – whenever possible. The best affiliate marketing software includes Tipalti, PartnerStack and Everflow.

Join Marketing-Ideas Marketing’s affiliate agency

The goal of affiliate marketing is threefold: Grow a brand, build an audience and earn online revenue. If you are looking for a more convenient affiliate program, consider joining Marketing-Ideas Marketing’s Affiliate Agency.

Marketing-Ideas Marketing takes marketing platforms to new levels. Our team helps market trailblazers manage their affiliate networks with efficiency to improve traffic and build stronger professional relationships. Work with us today and expand your horizons into a whole new world of digital business.


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