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Austria joins Google News Showcase

Austria joins Google News Showcase

Launched in late 2020, the Google News Showcase gives publishers who sign up for the licensing program a new way to share their editorial voice and expertise.

And the best part?

The program is a way for publishers to get paid for their digital content.

There have been disputes between Australia and Google and France and Google over remuneration for displaying publishers’ content online.

In a statement on the launch of the new program on June 25, 2020, Brad Bender, VP, Product Management at Google, News wrote:

“This program helps participating publishers monetize their content through an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people delve deeper into more complex stories, stay informed, and be exposed to a world of diverse issues and interests.”


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When the Google News Showcase was launched, publishers in Brazil, Germany, and Australia had signed up.

Now the list also includes publications from India, Canada, Italy, France, Czech Republic, UK, Japan, Argentina and more.

In addition, over 90% of those already subscribed represent communities, regional or local news organizations.

What do Austrian publications think about participating in the Google News Showcase?

Austria is the latest in a long line of countries to sign up and publish their content in the Google News Showcase.

Gino Cuturi, CEO of a leading regional newspaper in Upper Austria, spoke about their goals:


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“We aim to get even more readers excited about our digital products and convince them of our long-term local reporting.”

Hermann Petz, CEO of Tiroler Tageszeitung also said:

“Experience shows that there is still great potential for regional daily newspapers to attract occasional digital readers and then develop them into regular readers … We see the Google News Showcase as an opportunity to expand and monetize this’ widest circle of readers. ‘”

Benefits of Google News Showcase for Publishers

If publications publish their content behind a payment wall, Google pays for user access to it, so stories can reach more audiences who have previously refused to pay for content.

Publications can cure the appearance of their content in the program through panels with news presentation.

Panels can include:

Key facts in list format Important stories of the day Timelines Related articles

It is digestible and easy for readers to access and gain greater insight into news articles.

The program also gives publishers more control over their voice and brand across other Google products.


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Google News Showcase readers can connect and follow specific publishers, and the panels act as a bridge to publishers’ sites, potentially increasing traffic and subscriptions.

According to the announcement from Google, by sending readers to the publishing site, publishers can ‘deepen their relationship with readers’.

With so many countries and news publishers signing up for the showcase, it’s exciting to see who comes next to sign up.


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