Are exchanged or reciprocal links okay with Google?
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An SEO division of reputation as an EAT factor

An SEO division of reputation as an EAT factor

Authority and SEO

Authoritativeness is almost no problem. It is very similar in the academic world, where the author whose work is most quoted by his or her peers in his or her domain is recognized as the most authoritative.

This goes back to the core of SEO and how links were meant to convey authority before they were used to manipulate rankings.

Reliability and SEO

The reliability factor is the most interesting part of this equation.

In addition to the theory, we now see in practice the connection between how the customer or employee experience is portrayed on review pages, news pages, forums, social media, and how it shapes the SERPs.

News and review sites are very relevant as they have the potential to damage a company’s reputation.

YMYL problems can often appear in negative reviews. They can also appear in news articles.

The customer’s complaints about defective products, poor quality, fraudulent financial practices go into the case.

Having a bad rating on some sites can lead to unfavorable content being consolidated at the top of the search results pages in the related question pack below, your brand is legit.

A negative news article can be suggested either in the search box or in related questions.

What is worrying is that we are facing an unprecedented spread of false and negative reviews as well as content in general.

Unfortunately, dissatisfied customers and employees tend to be louder than the rest of us.

Moreover, outdated content sticks for years, long after a problem is solved.

Protect your brand reputation with EAT & SEO

In the previously mentioned medical example, there is no doubt that for the equivalent level of authority, patient reviews and news articles, whether fair or unfair will affect the outcome.

More than ever, it is important to cure your online brand perception.

As a result of the growing importance of credibility, the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and real estate sectors as well as other industries are seeking solutions that help them manage their online reputation.

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