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Alternatives to Google Voice

Alternatives to Google Voice

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Google Voice is a solid call service option if you are tied to resources and / or looking for basic VoIP services. Its app is extremely simple to navigate and you can customize it to divert calls and keep spam away. It’s free for personal use, but it’s charged if you get it for business use.

Overall, Google Voice is a solid VoIP calling option that is affordable for anyone trying to make phone calls while saving money in the process. But its features are largely limited to telephone-based VoIP services. If you need conference calling, video calling, webinars or even more robust business calling services, there are other platforms that give you these features as well as VoIP calling and often do it for not much more money.

The best Google Voice alternatives

For starters, RingCentral is a leader in VoIP calling services that go beyond just making and receiving calls. Whether you need it to make conference calls, equip a call or customer support center, or you just need a robust business call system you can trust, RingCentral has the tools for it all. Prices start as low as $ 19.99 per person. User per. Month. You can either watch a demo or start using it for free here.

You’ve probably heard of Zoom. It’s the “popular kid” on the block these days. It is a bit pricey to only use it as a calling solution as the primary focus is on video conferencing. The good news is that companies use Zoom every day to hold free video conferencing, which can often replace phone calls. You can get started here.

ClickMeeting is best if you want to take care of conference calls and webinars as well as phone calls. While you could host video conferencing if you integrate Google Meet with Google Voice, this is your best chance to go with a bespoke option for webinars and conference calls like ClickMeeting. You get access to tools like whiteboard and recording conference calls and playbacks. You can try ClickMeeting for free here for 30 days.

More top-call services

We love spending hours upon hours comparing the best tools out there. And you bet we did it to find out what your best calling service options were. After much wear and tear, we have come up with a complete list of the best calling services to choose from depending on your specific needs. If you are serious about finding the best calling tool for you or your business, the guide is worth checking out. See all our top picks.

Our Take on Google Voice

It is safe to say that Google Voice is one of the best options for companies that are not trying to spend a pretty penny on dial-up software. Google Voice uses AI to transcribe voicemails when they come in, and it syncs with all your Google Workspace apps, including your Google Calendar. You can assign numbers to specific departments and host group calls. Because it gives you access to features like these at an affordable price point for businesses, Google Voice makes it into our list of the best software calling solutions.

Below, we compare it with some alternatives that are worth exploring.

Google Voice Vs. RingCentral

The first thing to note here is that RingCentral does not offer a free personal option. Its most basic business plan starts at just under $ 20. But it comes with a few features you would be hard pressed to find with Google Voice’s business alternative. For example, RingCentral provides you with the ability to enable entire call centers to collect, record and redirect incoming calls.

While Google Voice has a business opportunity, it is not designed to take care of large call teams or significant support centers that need more than just the ability to make and receive calls. Ultimately, if you are looking for a calling solution that comes with special tools that complement its application, especially for inbound and outbound calling solutions, or if you work in sales and need conferencing tools as well as messaging and reliable video conferencing options, your best chance goes with a tool like RingCentral.

Google Voice Vs. Zoom

Both Google Voice and Zoom offer video conferencing solutions. However, their boundaries are where they differ. While Google Voice itself does not offer built-in video conferencing, it integrates with Google Meet. It has the same limits for the user meeting as the first plan that Zoom offers. Both limit users with 100 participants per. Meeting, and while Zoom lets you run 40-minute video meetings for free, Google Voice’s session integration lets you run meetings for up to 60 minutes.

All in all, the best tool for you when comparing Google Voice with Zoom depends on how much you use video conferencing features. For example, if you are a small remote team that constantly needs to meet through video, then your best choice is to go with a tool like Zoom. But if you only need dial-up solutions, it’s better for you to use Google Voice – either for free, if you can get rid of using your personal plan or by going with one of the paid but still quite affordable levels. .

Google Voice Vs. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that is great if you are looking for a mobile solution. However, Google Voice also offers a mobile solution and at a much cheaper price. For example, Grasshopper charges you $ 26 a month for the cheaper option of a phone number and three extensions.

Meanwhile, Google Voice is starting to charge you $ 10 a month for up to 10 users and offers many of the same features that Grasshopper does at a much lower price point. This includes things like voicemail management, a mobile app and even call forwarding. They both charge per. Minute for international calls. Overall, if you try to choose between Google Voice and Grasshopper, the clear winner is Google Voice.

Google Voice Vs. Great conference

As you can probably guess, Vast Conference is a tool built specifically for video conferencing. Admittedly, this is an area where Google Voice falls short, unless you mind using its Google Meet integration to try to handle conference calls. In short, if you are looking for tools that are specific to conference calling, such as being able to assign web call administrators, easy messaging and file transfers, detailed reporting, or even a team music library, then you should go with a tool like Vast Conference.

The cheapest plan starts at $ 11.99 per. Month per Uses for up to 10 participants. However, if you only need the basics to run video conferencing, Google Voice’s Google Meet integration can be a more cost-effective option, as it allows you to host up to 100 attendees for free, but with basic conferencing tools.

Google Voice Vs. FreeConferenceCall

FreeConferenceCall and Google Voice both offer video calling options. Google Voice (again via Google Meet) only gives you free video calls for up to 100 participants. However, FreeConferenceCall allows you to host calls with up to 1,000 participants.

Its payment structure is also quite interesting. It’s a pay-what-you-can deal. So if your business can only afford to pay $ 4 a month, then that’s all you have to pay to access FreeConferenceCall. If your business is excited about cash, you can start using the tool for free. You will also record and watch your meetings at a later date. In a comparison between Google Voice and FreeConferenceCall, it is ultimately better to use a tool like FreeConferenceCall if you need to run conference calls that host a large number of users.

Google Voice Vs. Click Meeting

ClickMeeting is specifically designed to help you not only handle conference calls, but also feature-rich webinars. So if these are your needs, ClickMeeting as your top option is pretty much a no-brainer. Google Voice is a calling solution that can accommodate conference calls with the right setup, namely integrating Google Meet with it, but it is not specifically aimed at helping you create amazing webinars.

ClickMeeting is best for companies that host online meetings, live webinars, online training sessions and even product demos. As you can guess, the launch of each of these events successfully launches the use of event-specific tools that Google Voice simply does not offer. The good news is that ClickMeeting starts as low as $ 25 per click. Month. You can run an unlimited number of online meetings and webinars, record and save videos, use its whiteboard feature and even host private chats.


All in all, Google Voice is a great, cost-effective phone solution for businesses that want to make sure they get hold of their work calls to calls. But when you get to a point where you want more specific tools for needs like conference calls or running call centers, it is better to go for calling solutions that are more specialized in these areas.

Here’s a quick overview of each comparison we made and who came out on top:

Google Voice Vs. RingCentral: Use Google Voice if you are looking for a simple calling solution with standard to intermediate calling tools. If you are looking for a full-fledged call center, service center or sales team calling solution, then this is when you want to put your views on RingCentral.

Google Voice Vs. Zoom: For video conferencing, it’s ultimately better to go with a solution like Zoom. However, general phone call solutions with Google Voice apply. It ends up being much cheaper.

Google Voice Vs. Grasshopper: If you are considering going with Grasshopper because it offers a mobile app, do not bother. Go with Google Voice. It also offers both an Android and iOS app and charges you much less for using its better features (which overlap a lot with what Grasshopper offers).

Google Voice Vs. Large Conference: Get more video conferencing tools with Vast Conference. You can manage your video conferencing more easily as it is specially designed to handle such calls. On the other hand, Google Voice only conducts video conferencing if you integrate and work with its sibling app Google Meet as part of the G Suite family.

Google Voice Vs. FreeConferenceCall: Do you want to make large conference calls with many participants for free? Go with a tool like FreeConferenceCall. Fortune 500 companies use it to host significant conference calls, and you can either use it for free or pay whatever you can. In this case, you will only be able to use Google Voice if you integrate Google Meet with it.

Google Voice Vs. ClickMeeting: Finally, when you compare Google Voice and ClickMeeting and you realize that ClickMeeting is specifically geared for conference calls and webinars, ClickMeeting becomes the clear winner in this department. While Google Voice can be great, it’s not necessarily built to be that versatile.

Ultimately, it depends on your needs to find a Google Voice alternative. If you need to do more than just make and receive business calls, start looking at other options. But for basic calling needs, Google Voice is a solid choice. To get started with Google Voice, select your best plan and sign up here.

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