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Actual e-commerce heatmap usage cases and improvements that you can learn from |

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The advancement of technology has managed to help many companies keep up with the growing needs of their customers. The tools that have emerged in recent years have ensured that many e-commerce companies have remained successful in their efforts to provide the best possible customer experience ever.

When something seems to go wrong, the organization can get its team to use the tools they have acquired to detect the problem. Once completed, they can make improvements to these areas to ensure that their customers do not start falling off.

One of the many tools that has been widely used by many companies is heatmaps. It has become one of the most talked about tools when it comes to website optimization and conversion rate optimization. The different types of heat cards that are available can provide you with an assortment of data that ensures that they stay on top of any problem on their site.

These days, people can connect to the internet thanks to the various devices available. It has become a necessity for companies to ensure that their website works optimally. If not, it could cause them to lose potential customers and revenue in the long run. Therefore, heat card tools have become one of the many arsenals required to keep everything in tip-top shape.

The way a brand can build its website is constantly changing according to the current trend and available technology. The way a visitor behaves on your site can provide you with the data you need to make future adjustments to your site. If they apparently only click on certain areas but avoid others, it could mean that something is wrong with your pages. Heatmap tools allow you to become aware of this issue and enable you to make the appropriate changes.

E-commerce companies need to start taking full advantage of heatmaps. To prove how effective these heatmap tools are, let’s go over several usage cases from other heatmaps and see what improvements you can learn from them.

Heat mapping and A / B testing

Improving your website is crucial as you continue to grow your business. You want to ensure that your customers can access your site no matter what devices they decide to use. Not everyone will use the same devices to get into your site. Some can use mobile devices while others can use a desktop computer. There is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to making sure your site is accessible to everyone.

While it maximizes the many ways people can access your site, it also means that you must do everything you can to ensure that they can access your store through these devices without having to overcome any obstacles . This means that you will need to experiment with your site and make adjustments accordingly as you go along. Of course, you need a way to capture that feedback to ensure that the methods you have implemented work as intended or if they need adjustments.

A / B testing, also known as split testing, is a process that allows you to compare two versions of a web page with each other. If you do, you can decide which of these two performs better. A / B testing allows you to experiment with two or more variations of pages that are randomly displayed to users. Statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs more competently for a given conversion goal.

In short, A / B testing helped them deal with the need to guess out of website optimization and make database decisions. A refers to the control or the original test variable, while B refers to the variation or a new version of the initial test variable. The version that raises your metrics in the positive direction is known as the winner. Making these changes in the winning version of our tested elements can help optimize your site and increase your company’s ROI.

Keep in mind that conversion metrics are all unique to each site.

Using heatmaps and A / B testing, your team can observe visitors’ behavior and come up with crucial optimization strategies. For example, an e-commerce company may follow its visitors closely to see what appeals to them or where they jump off. What works for one store may not work for another. This means that eCommerce owners can use this data to formulate a strategy for their business.

They can assess these areas from which users are jumping off, understand the reasons for their behavior, such as technical issues or design flaws. Most importantly, which A / B tests work to their advantage.

Here is an example of how A / B testing helped an e-commerce business.


WallMonnkey is an e-commerce company that has become one of the largest printers for wall stickers. They wanted to improve the user experience on their website, so they decided to analyze how visitors navigated and responded to their layout using our tool.

The insights they gained in their customers’ behavior helped them choose a hotspot on the website to concentrate on. They continued to run an A / B test and changed the featured image to something more appealing to capture the attention of potential customers. They also made some other adjustments to ensure that customers click on their pages more often. They managed to pull it off and increase their conversion rate by 550%.

The improvements

First, take the time to identify the problem, what you are trying to achieve with the analysis. Then you continue to present a solution. The solution should be based on your understanding of your visitor’s needs, the technical limitations of the site and the general belief that it will improve the situation. Finally, it is important to create expected results, but what do you think will happen if your test surpasses the current version.

One of the best ways to formalize your test program is to come up with a hypothesis tracking document that contains only these statements, along with any reporting you would like to make a record of and links or screenshots to the changes involved. That way, you can return later and remember the changes you made in the past in the event of another situation like this.

When you successfully combine the data from your heat card with the A / B test, you can increase the efficiency of your store many times over. The use of heatmaps and A / B testing has the potential to reduce your budget when it comes to optimizing your designs.

Reading from an F-shaped pattern

A study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that people tend to read textual content in an F-shaped pattern. The study shows us that most people tend to skim through a piece of text while their primary attention goes to the beginning of the text. They consume only the most advantageous headings and subheadings, but the rest of the text is read selectively.

The first two paragraphs you write down should contain the most beneficial information. Take advantage of subheadings, bullet points and sections to ensure that the rest of your content can be easily read by your customers. That way, they will consume the information about a product much more smoothly and understand what they are getting from it. However, the F-pattern reading style does not apply when it comes to browsing an image-based web page, as shown in the survey submitted by NNG. When it comes to image-based web pages, people will browse them horizontally.

Awareness and organization

One of the benefits of owning a brick business is the ability to observe customers navigating through the hallways. It allows companies to interact with them and see which products or services seem to win their interest and which remain untouched. When it comes to the e-commerce business model, take the time to understand your customers as best you can without being in the same room with them.

The power of heatmaps allows you to observe your customer’s behavior in your store. You get the chance to see the traffic flow through each product category and different product pages. The information you get from this allows you to make frequent adjustments over time so you can have a way to witness the impact of your changes and document behavioral trends.

Of course, to show you what we mean, we need to go over an example of how this can help you improve your conversation frequency over time.

Happy trails

Happy Trails is a family-run off-road motorcycle company. The store sells parts, gears and accessories for off-road, dual-sport and adventure motorcycles in their online store. When the company updated its site, they immediately noticed a problem with their code, which led them to correct and update the company’s eCommerce site. According to the marketing director, the site was less functional, with customers unable to place orders because something caused the entire system to crash. Worst of all, they did not know this was happening until a customer notified them of the problem.

Although they managed to make these much-needed changes, they needed a way to continue monitoring the functionality of the site and resolve issues that arise before it could cost the company sales. They needed a tool that could help them see what users were doing, how they interacted with the site, and any barriers they ran into.

It was here that our tool managed to get into the picture. When the marketing director found our platform, he managed to find a way. Two special features helped Happy Trail throughout the process: User Recording, which provides a video playback session that shows how customers navigate the site on different devices, and snapshots that create reports that show where customers click.

Using the snapshot tool, they were able to generate heatmaps and gain insight into where people interacted with the top landing pages. One of the things they discovered was that customers interacted big with the button half the fold. It allowed them to bring more popular items in advance and in the center to focus more on sales. These changes led to customers finding out much better. It also helped them streamline the entire site and allowed them to observe the site and see functionality issues as they emerged.

The improvements

If your visitors are able to interact with your site, they will not be able to purchase any of the products. With heatmaps, you can see which parts of your store are not working properly. It also allows you to experiment with content that attracts the customer further down the page. It is also possible that visitors do not see all the essential details on an individual product page.

One problem that Happy Trail had was that their customers had trouble completing their purchase. If your product or ordering process is complicated or broken, make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your customers can complete their purchase. If possible, consider layout options such as Collapsed boxes or other features that can also make product information more digestible.

If your site uses photo carousels to showcase your product, make sure they engage with it along with something else that can increase your conversion rate. Use the click card feature to see which items are clicked from most to least on the page. By frequently checking in on your reports, you can instantly make on-the-fly updates to the structure of your site and organize your pages or products.


Heatmaps has worked wonders for many e-commerce sites over the years. Having the tools to see how customers are behaving on your site provides a wealth of information that can help make significant improvements. These enhancements ensure that your visitors get a much more hassle-free experience when they burn your site. Eventually, it causes them to convert into customers and increase the number of sales.

Of course, if you want to remove this, you need an excellent heat card tool by your side. As you can see from the examples above, Crazy Egg has managed to help lots of e-commerce businesses over the years. If you want the same results, check out our heatmap tool and see what improvements you can make to your site.

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