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A complete guide for marketers

A complete guide for marketers

Whether you are an established Amazon seller or just getting started, keeping up with the latest changes with Amazon Ads is the key to achieving the big sales goals you have set.

In this article, you will find an overview of the three most successful Amazon ad types so that you can decide which one will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Read on to learn more about sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display ads with tips to get the most out of them and instructions for setting up each one.

3 Top Amazon Ad Types

With 142.5 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States alone, e-commerce marketers flock to the platform to get consumers’ eyes on their products.

But with more users comes more competition. Although SEO and list optimization are the key to organic growth in search results, you need to be a little more aggressive to get maximum exposure.

This is where Amazon ads come in. Admittedly, there is a lot behind the Amazon advertising strategy.


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Used properly, they are one of the best ways to get your business moving. What type of ad you need depends on your product and what you are trying to achieve.

There are three main types of Amazon ads:

Sponsored products. Sponsored brands. Sponsored display.

All three types of ads are pay-per-click advertising, which means that every time a customer clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee.

Sponsored products are the most popular of the Amazon ad types because it is a quick and easy way to promote a single product.

Anyone whose products fall within the permitted categories can benefit from the Sponsored Products feature. No previous advertising experience is required.

Why use sponsored products

Sponsored product ads are the most flexible type of Amazon ad.


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Because you’re promoting a product, you do not need to copy and create graphics for a large advertising campaign. The ad is the graphic you have already created for your listing.

These ads appear right where customers want to notice them most – on the first page of their search results. The word “sponsored” is also printed small, meaning that the customer may not even notice that it is a sponsored ad they are clicking on.

The proof is in the results for this ad type. Amazon claims that within the first year after the launch of a campaign, advertisers saw an average weekly + 54% increase in overview and an average weekly + 40% increase in ordered units.

Creating your campaign with sponsored products

Creating your campaign is pretty straightforward and simple.

Starting with your Amazon Advertising Dashboard, follow these four steps:

Since you are promoting a single product, there is no copy to write or graphics to design. You can set up this ad using your product listing and start running it quickly.

Sponsored brands are the second most used type of Amazon ad. They are the big banner ads that you see at the top of your Amazon search results page.

The ad contains a brand logo, a personal tagline and more examples of your products that match the chosen keyword.

Sponsored brands are available to sellers who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, book vendors, and agencies.

By limiting who this type of ad is available to, you can be assured that your brand will be protected and that only accurate listings will be published.

Why use sponsored brands

Since these ads are usually the first thing a customer sees on their search results page, they are a great way to build brand awareness, connect shoppers directly with your products, and create a shopping experience with branded products.


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You can control your advertising spend by setting your budget and choosing how much you want to bid per day. Click. You only pay a fee when customers click on your ad.

Since the ad is more generally focused on your brand, it also includes a link that takes the customer to either a custom landing page or your Amazon Store.

Here the customer will be able to review your products – and only your products. You choose what is displayed on this page and it is free from competitors’ advertisements and products.

Creating Your Sponsored Brand Campaign

To create your campaign, you need to complete four steps in the Amazon Advertising dashboard.

In your Campaign Manager you can:

Set your budget and your duration. Design your ad. Choose which keywords to target and how much you want to bid on clicks. Submit your ad for review.

To ensure the success of this type of ad, be sure to choose products that will truly appeal to customers using the keywords you target.


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Sponsored display ads are an advertising solution that helps you reach the right audience both on and off Amazon.

This Amazon ad type is more exclusive than sponsored products and is only available to those who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, suppliers, and agencies with customers who sell products on Amazon.

Sponsored Display on Fire TV is currently in beta testing. This type of sponsored screen allows you to promote your apps, movies and TV shows through ads on Fire TV.

Even more exclusive than sponsored display on the Amazon site, this type of advertising is only available to Fire TV app developers, Prime Video Channels, Prime Video Direct publishers and movie distributors.

Why use sponsored display

Sponsored display ads are more exclusive than other Amazon ad types, which means less competition for you.

These ads also give you more exposure than any other type of Amazon ad. Your ad can appear on the Amazon homepage, on shopping results pages, on Twitch, and on third-party websites and apps.


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Sponsored display ads are cost-driven with retail-conscious price per. Click ads, which means they only appear when your products are in stock. And like the other types of ads, you can easily control your advertising spend by entering your budget and bids per. Click.

Thanks to Amazon’s simple self-service campaign, you do not need a lot of advertising and design experience to create an ad that will deliver results. If you do not want to get involved in the creative process at all, you can use Amazon’s automatically generated advertising material to get your ads started quickly.

Creating Your Sponsored Display Campaign

Creating this type of Amazon ad is very similar to creating a sponsored product or branded brand ad – but with one major difference.

Sponsored Display Campaigns do not work by keyword. Instead, you choose between two different targeting options: Product Targeting or Audiences.

Product targeting is perfect if you want to promote your product among the audience that is actively researching products or categories that are similar to yours.


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These ads appear exclusively on Amazon product detail pages and / or search results pages.

If you want to engage new customers or reactivate old leads, choosing audiences will help you reach the relevant audiences on and off Amazon.

These ads appear on Amazon websites, product detail pages and / or search results pages, as well as on third-party websites and apps.

Once you’ve chosen your target strategy, the remaining steps for ad creation are similar to highly sponsored products:

Set your bid and your budget. Choose the products you want to promote or choose the audiences you want to reach. Depending on your targeting strategy, your ad will go live automatically!

Tips for success with all Amazon ad types

Although each ad type has its differences, you can apply these tips as best practices everywhere:

Know (and stick to!) Your ACoS. ACoS means Amazon’s cost of sales and is calculated as follows: (ACoS = advertising costs / sales). Promote your products using the right keywords and / or targeting strategy. Monitor your results – do more of what works and less of what does not. Give it time! Like much digital marketing, Amazon Ads is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not be afraid to re-evaluate your strategy.


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While it may seem overwhelming to jump into the mega-platform that is Amazon, this is where the customers are. It also makes it where you want to be!

Start slowly with your advertising strategy, get your measurement and profitability in order, and scale from there.

You will be glad you did.

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