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9 emotional hooks that make your content 10x better

9 emotional hooks that make your content 10x better

Want to make your content more compelling, but do not know where to start? Do not overthink it.

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking for something specific?


If you connect with the brand, chances are you will return to the brand again and again.

No one likes a boring read or boring pictures. How do you connect with your audience and create compelling content?

If you can connect with your customers and build a credible relationship with them, the retention rate will be higher and they will remain loyal followers throughout your brand’s journey.

Read on to learn how emotional hooks will make your content 10x better.

Use your content to tell a story

Do you want to keep your audience engaged? Tell them a good story.

Storytelling is a simple yet effective tool for capturing people’s attention and getting them emotionally invested in your content.

Everyone wants to know what happens next, especially if they can identify with the hero of the story. Telling stories about your business can increase your brand’s likability factor.


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For example, you could tell your audience how your business started, what kind of challenges you have overcome, and how you are working towards your current goals.

Customer stories can also be an effective way to connect with your audience. Try to get your storytelling skills to work through case studies.

Take advantage of fear of missing out (FOMO)

The fear of missing out is a strong strength. No one wants much or a juicy secret to pass them by. If you can create a sense of anxiety or urgency in your audience, you will get a reaction out of them.

A good way to use FOMO is to only promote a product or agreement for a limited period of time. After all, who has not purchased a limited edition product simply because it will not be available later?

Another idea is to offer an exclusive membership or loyalty program. If people worry about what they might be missing out on, they will be more interested in your brand and your product.


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Make your audience feel special or strong

The desire to feel special drives many purchasing decisions. From clothes to gadgets to cars, consumers often buy things just to feel unique or better than other people. Utilizing this drive is a great way to build a strong image for your brand.

To take advantage of your audience’s desire to feel special, use your content to paint a specific image of your product or service: it’s high quality, distinctive and a little exclusive.

Represent your current customers as people your audience can identify with or want to emulate. Product demos, customer spots and evocative advertisements are all great ways to do this.

For this strategy (and any other emotional marketing strategy) to work well, you need to know your audience.

Content that pushes some people’s emotional buttons does not work on others, so do not forget to make audience surveys an ongoing part of your work.

4. Create a sense of belonging

People need to feel accepted, liked and important. Content that makes people feel part of a group or cause can be very effective for this reason.

One way to make use of the sense of belonging is to present your brand as a club or lifestyle instead of just a business.

Look at Apple for a good example of how to put this idea into practice. There is an important social and emotional component to Apple’s marketing. Some people consider the use of Apple products to be almost part of their identity.

Your business may not have the same reach as Apple, but you can do the same on a smaller scale by creating a strong brand image and nurturing a sense of exclusivity around your product.

Use Mystery to make your content more compelling

Unanswered questions are intriguing. That’s why so many pieces of content are titled with a question – people want to know the answer so they click.

If you want more eyes on your content, this may be exactly what you need to add a little mystery.

Ask a question in your title, and use your content itself to answer it.


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Alternatively, if there are lingering unanswered questions in your field, try creating content around them as people tend to be interested in the unknown.

6. Act to help your target audience reach their goals

Goal setting and personal achievement are very emotional topics.

For most people, there are desires, fears and feelings of self-worth bound in even the most pedestrian destinations. If you can figure out what your audience wants most, you have a direct path to their emotions.

Offer to help them get what they want and they will see you as an ally – and probably make a purchase.

To find the right angle with this approach, it is especially important to do audience surveys. Try talking directly to your audience by voting or interviewing them.

Then incorporate your findings into your content and highlight how your product or service can help your audience get what they want out of life.

7. Use humor

Marketing does not have to be serious all the time. In fact, the inclusion of humor can be good for your brand’s image.


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Laughter is a great way to form an instant connection to someone. It also shows that your brand does not take itself too seriously.

If your content has been a bit flat lately, try creating a humorous piece or two and see how your audience receives it.

Remember that while humor is versatile, it is not right for every situation. Know what is appropriate in your field, and be careful not to say anything that your audience may find insensitive or offensive.

In addition, you need to be careful that your humor does not stifle your brand’s authentic voice.

8. Surprise your audience

If you think your content may not be memorable enough, add a surprise item. Are there any common misconceptions in your field that you can break down?

What about surprising facts that most people would not believe at first?

Challenging someone’s ideas or changing their mind about a topic is a great way to get them to remember your brand.


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Even a good plot twist at the end of a story can make your content stick in a reader’s mind long after they’ve clicked away.

Incorporate pop culture into your content

Using pop culture references can instantly make your content more interesting to many people.

Research shows that 28% of the most successful companies have pop culture that is shown somewhere in their marketing campaigns.

For example, Google used the classic holiday movie Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin to promote Google Assistant.

Think about what types of entertainment your audience likes and choose pop culture references that create a sense of common ground with them.


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Try to include references to classic TV shows, new blockbusters or even memes – just be sure not to infringe any copyright law.


Emotion is the key to creating content that is both memorable and effective.

Targeting positive emotions, such as amusement, empowerment, and a sense of community is usually a good strategy. But you can also use negative emotions like anxiety to encourage your audience to act.

Try incorporating one or more of these highly effective emotional hooks into your next piece of content – you may be surprised at the response you get from your audience.

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