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6 Ways to Optimize Your Product Review Pages for Google

6 Ways to Optimize Your Product Review Pages for Google

No matter what product you are looking for, you know how effective a high quality informative review can be. This can often be the difference between buying the product and passing it on to someone else.

Most people will not take chances on products they do not know much about, especially when there are products with reviews that tell them what they need to know.

Because of this, many online shoppers rely on product reviews to help them decide what to buy.

That’s why Google launched a new product review update live in April, prioritizing product reviews that give consumers more insight and detail to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Although Google has stated that product reviews are not a core update, it is still important that you make an effort to meet these new standards.

If you’re wondering how to take advantage of this update, there are six ways to optimize your site for Google’s product review update.


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1. Write longer, more informative reviews

Long-form content tends to work better than shorter content that does not go into enough detail.

Search engines often prefer longer content, and so do the users who benefit from well-researched, thorough content.

If you’re concerned about how your site ranks, you’re probably already trying to include as much relevant information as possible in your content. While this is a priority for you, your product reviews may be missing.

Like all the content on your site, you will give users and search engines comprehensive reviews that give them all the information they need.

With this update, you will not save on the length of your reviews. A short review that only provides a brief summary of a product does not help consumers that much, nor does it likely help your rankings.

As Google said:

“… we know that people appreciate product reviews that share in-depth research, rather than thin content that simply sums up a lot of products. That’s why we share an improvement to our ranking systems, which we call the update of product reviews, designed to better reward such content. ”


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If you currently only have short product reviews on your site, spend some time expanding them to provide consumers with more content and information.

2. Give an accurate description

Providing an accurate description of a product is, of course, a necessary part of any product review. Consumers should get a good idea about the physical details of a product by reading your review.

To make this easier, you can also provide additional content in the form of photos and videos that show the physical features even more in-depth. In addition to describing the product, you must also explain how it is used.

Not all products will require many details on how to use them, but if this is something consumers need to know in order to make a purchase, it should be included.

How does this product work?

Provide your consumer with this type of information in your review.

While this may include your own opinion on how a product works, you should also have objective information in your review. Consumers need to know all the performance-related data relevant to a particular product to assist them in their research.

3. Show that you are an expert

When writing content, no matter what it is for, it is extremely important to point out that you are an expert in the subject. There are many people who give their opinions online, but that does not mean that they should all be trusted or come from a place of wisdom.

You may know that you are a trusted expert, but not everyone else does. Today, people are wary of taking a stranger’s advice online and may hesitate to make a purchase based on a review from someone who does not seem qualified to give one.

As part of this update, Google indicates the importance of displaying expert knowledge in your product reviews. And we already know that content creators’ expertise is an EAT factor that Google’s human evaluators consider according to their guidelines.

It should be a matter of course that if you are writing a review of a product online, you need to have rich experience in using it yourself.


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Give consumers your experience of using this product and make sure they know that you are giving them an accurate and realistic review that is reliable.

What background do you have that makes your view of this product credible? Showing people that you are trustworthy and know what you are talking about can help give your review more weight.

4. Include the positive and negative

It is important that you give consumers a balanced review. When you try to sell something, your instinct is probably to list all the good things about it and omit any negatives.

Including the disadvantages of a product may seem like you are doing the best you can to convince consumers that they need your product, but it may not be as effective as you think. To start creating better product reviews, you need to list both the positive and negative aspects of a product.

You want to give people an accurate review of a product and make it clear that you are honest in your description. People know when you are only trying to sell them a product and not actually giving them information to help them make their decision.


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In Google’s announcement, they even say that you should “discuss the pros and cons of a particular product.”

Negatives do not mean that your product is bad, but there are situations where it may not be the best choice. Maybe there are other products that will do a better job of meeting people’s needs, and if you lead them to these other options, your chances of selling increase.

A product that is perfect for some people just will not be the right one for everyone, no matter how amazing it is. Without knowing the potential disadvantages of making a particular purchase, consumers will not be able to make informed decisions.

5. Show how the product is different from others

Whatever you review, there is a good chance that there are more products like it elsewhere. Since there are so many products on the market today and you can find plenty of options for what you are looking for, you need to show what makes your different.


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Why should people buy this product instead of the many others who like it? It is not up to consumers to decide why a product is a better choice than others – it is something you have to tell them.

What does this product offer that others like it cannot offer? If you do not offer reviews that tell consumers why this product is different from others they can just as easily buy, you are not giving them much of a reason to choose it.

When Mordy Oberstein took a deep dive into analyzing the winners and losers from the product reviews update, he found that review sites with a buyer’s guide tended to outperform them without.

Although a product has only a few small differences that set it apart, you want to make it clear that this has something unique to offer. Small differences in products can be what a consumer needs to decide what to buy, so do not overlook anything that can help separate it from each other.


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6. Compare it with previous editions

As new versions and models come out of already existing products, you should note in your reviews how a newer product is different.

It is not enough just to give an independent review of the current issue. You should also compare it with those that have already been sold.

This may not apply to every product you review, but it is extremely important to include for those who are relevant. Some consumers may upgrade from a previous model and want to know what it offers. Perhaps previous editions were missing in areas that this one has addressed. Whatever changes have taken place between then and now, it needs to be made clear.

Get the most out of your product reviews

If your product reviews are not currently optimized for Google’s new product reviews, there’s no need to panic.

Like all updates to Google’s algorithm, the update of product reviews is aimed at giving users the best possible results. With so many products to choose from, product reviews are crucial for consumers to make the best choice for them, so it makes sense that Google would prioritize sites that strive to provide them with detailed, balanced product reviews.


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Updating your reviews to reflect this update can be time consuming and requires a lot of work depending on the current state of your reviews, but it will be worth it to provide something more valuable to consumers and search engines.

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