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21 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021 (Free and Cheap)

21 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021 (Free and Cheap)

Podcasting has been accelerating in popularity over the last few years. That’s why many content creators have harnessed the power of podcasts to grow their audiences, diversify their content distribution channels and generate more revenue.

If you’re looking for a podcast hosting platform to help get your show off the ground, then you’re in the right place. As a professional podcaster myself (where I host The Side Hustle Project), I’ll be using my own wealth of experience to show you how to choose the right podcast hosting platform that’ll best get you to your goals.

21 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms (Free and Cheap) in 2021

Buzzsprout: Free Plan (Limited) or $12.00/mo
Simplecast: $15.00/mo
Podcastics: Free Plan (Limited) or $8.00/mo
PodBean: Free Plan (Limited) or $9.00/mo
Anchor: Free Plan
Podiant: $12.99/mo
Podomatic: $8.32/mo
SoundCloud: Free Plan (Limited) or $12.00/mo
Spreaker: $18.00/mo
Blubrry: $12.00/mo
Libsyn: $5.00/mo
Transistor: $19.00/mo
Captivate: $17.00/mo
Fusebox: Free Plan (Limited) or $8.00/mo
Podcast Websites: $77.00/mo
FeedPress: $9.94/mo
Whooshkaa: $29.00/mo
Podcast Garden: Free Plan (Limited) or $2.99/mo
Audioboom: $9.99/mo
Castos: $19.00/mo
Resonate Recordings: $25.00/mo

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you).

Is it worth starting a podcast in 2021?

According to Statista, there were 75 million monthly podcast listeners in the US alone during 2018. That number is projected to skyrocket up to 164+ million by 2024. These staggering figures are great news, as they validate your decision to start a podcast (especially if you’re hoping to build a business around it). These statistics show that podcasting is a great way to:

Market yourself. Podcasting is a great way to market yourself and promote your blog content. The numbers speak for themselves. If you can tap into a small percentage of podcast listeners within your niche, you’ll have a sizable audience to market your products or services to.
Build authority. If there’s one thing podcasting will help you with immensely, it’s building authority and credibility in your industry. As more people get to hear what you have to share, they’ll trust you and be more likely to seek your advice when they have a question that needs some direction.
Network & increase visibility. Whether you’re a blogger or small business, your success depends on your target audience finding you—and podcasting is a great (proven) way to make yourself more visible online by interviewing and networking with the (more established) people or brands that already reach the audience you also want to get in front of.
Monetize your audience. One of the ways I’ve made money from my blog here, is through podcast sponsorships by brands that want to reach my audience of listeners & blog readers. If you’re able to strategize on coming up with a podcast that appeals to a clear audience—and work hard to promote your show & attract listeners, then plenty of brands, products, tools and services have already established that podcast sponsorships result in a proven ROI. It’s merely a matter of showing that your podcast has an active core listenership and reaching out to the right companies who’d want to get in front of your audience.

The numbers speak for themselves. Podcasting is a great way to reach a wider audience whether you’re also blogging or not. In fact, podcasting is particularly useful for reaching those people that don’t spend as much time searching and reading the blog posts you’ve written.

With podcast consumption trending steeply in the right direction, it’s never been a better time to launch a podcast of your own. But, in order to do that… you’ll need a podcast hosting platform to host your show and distribute it online.

Why do you need podcast hosting?

Much like when you start a blog (and need a web hosting plan to get your blog fully online), you’ll also need a single place to host all of your audio files when you start a podcast.

First and foremost, podcast hosting provides a digital home base for where you’ll manage every aspect of your podcast. It’s where you’ll go to set the name for your show, upload a logo (or artwork for your show), publish new episodes and more.

Podcast hosting also generates an RSS feed that distributes your podcast episodes directly to all of the major podcast directories and apps (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more), thus making your podcast available to your audience as soon as a new episode is ready to go live. Your podcast hosting platform is your dashboard for managing your show.

And just like in the world of web hosting, podcast hosting platforms also come in many different flavors & styles.

Now, let’s dive into the 21 best podcast hosting platforms you should be considering to host your podcast today. And by the end of this guide, you’ll have your podcast up and running.

Buzzsprout leads the pack in the race of best podcast hosting platforms for a few reasons—it’s very beginner-friendly, comes with a free plan to get started and their cheap podcast hosting plans are also priced to be ultra budget-friendly. They pack a powerful combination of features into a super affordable package.

Having been around since 2009, Buzzsprout understands podcasting better than most other podcast hosting platforms out there. As a result, they’ve managed to design very affordable plans that can accommodate your needs, no matter where you are on your podcasting journey today.

Their free podcast hosting plan is great for beginners who want to test the podcasting waters without making a big commitment yet—and the cheap podcast hosting plans are both approachable & designed to grow with you as your show makes progress, too.

Features of Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

When it comes to the best podcast hosting platforms, Buzzsprout’s feature sets are what really set them apart. Again, this is where Buzzsprout leads the race by having a very strong feature set that’ll help you start and grow your podcast easily—without spinning your wheels trying to learn all the technical bits behind the scenes. This includes features like:

Unlimited storage
250GB of bandwidth/month (allows for up to 40,000 downloads)
Advanced analytics
Automatic episode optimization
Magic audio quality mastering (available on their cheap podcast hosting plans only)

Pros of Buzzsprout

Very affordable plans
Superb audio quality
Easily embed the podcast player on your website
Easy to use, even without any technical knowledge

Cons of Buzzsprout

The free plan is limited to 2 hours of audio content per month (and stays hosted for 90 days)
You’ll eventually want to upgrade to one of their (affordable) cheap podcast hosting plans

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Verdict

Buzzsprout is without a doubt one of the best podcast hosting platforms on the market today—especially for budget-conscious podcasters (or those just getting started with podcasting). With a robust free offering and their lowest-priced plan (at just $12.00/mo), you’ll unlock access to all of the features you truly need to launch and scale a podcast.

And while they do offer a free podcast hosting plan to get started quickly, in my experience you’ll want to (soon) upgrade to one of their paid plans in order to get the most out of their features. This’ll also ensure you have access to their full suite of powerful podcast production and promotion tools.

Simplecast is a close contender for the top spot amongst the best podcast hosting platforms, so it was a tough decision to rank them second on this list—but the deciding factor was that Buzzsprout offers a free starter plan and Simplecast doesn’t (though they do offer a 14-day free trial here). However, Simplecast is used by many global brands to host their podcasts—and I even host my own show on the platform, so if you have a little budget to spend on your podcast hosting, then it’ll be very well placed with Simplecast.

While this podcast hosting platform doesn’t have a free plan option, you can still take it for a spin using their 14-day free trial. Once you’re happy with the trial, you can choose between three cheap podcast hosting plans:

While it may be priced slightly higher than a few of our other top podcast hosting platforms, Simplecast doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the very robust features and functionality they offer.

Features of Simplecast Podcast Hosting

Among the notable features you’ll enjoy with this leading podcast hosting platform include:

Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Distribution support for multiple platforms
Customizable mini website for your podcast
Powerful analytics
Easy social media sharing with ReCast
Embeddable podcast player (a huge win if you’ll be blogging alongside your podcast)

Pros of Simplecast

Feature-rich podcast hosting platform
Makes it easy for your audience to create clips of your podcast and share them
Mini website with audio transcript helps boost SEO
Easy to import your shows from another platform
Add team members with different access levels

Cons of Simplecast

No directly built-in revenue generation features (you can still sell your own podcast sponsorships)
Additional features may require you to upgrade to higher-priced plans

Simplecast Podcast Hosting Verdict

Simplecast is one of the best podcast hosting platforms because they deliver exceptional value (at a relatively low monthly cost) by offering tons of features and excellent support for their customers. If you have a problem with your show, chatting their support team will get you quick solutions anytime.

Signing up for one of their plans right here is super easy and will definitely be a worthy investment to level up your podcasting game. Plus, if you use my special offer code ONSIMPLECAST during the checkout process, you’ll get 50% off your first 2 months.

As one of the few free podcast hosting platforms, Podcastics makes this list by providing a very robust feature set and an impressive array for their free plan too (though the free plan requires you to host your episodes on your own server). They have very budget-friendly paid plans once you’re ready to upgrade and unlock their best features (including their done-for-you podcast hosting) starting at $8.00/mo.

What’s even better about Podcastics, is that they offer a no credit card down, 1 month free trial where you can take all of their features for a spin (without limitations). Once the free trial period is over, you’ll either be migrated to their forever free plan—with some feature limitations—or you can upgrade to their cheap podcast hosting plans that start at $8.00/mo.

Here’s a snapshot of Podcastics pricing and plans for you to compare (head over here to see the full descriptions and breakdowns):

Features of Podcastics Podcast Hosting

Podcastics packs a punch with their robust set of features in a hosting platform, even on their free plan. These include:

Their Pro plan, the lowest plan that includes fully done-for-you podcast hosting starts at $8.00/mo, and includes unlimited storage, bandwidth and number of downloads
Magic import with no episode limit (from Apple Podcasts or any other hosting platform)
Full, detailed podcast & episode management
Unlimited episode hosting
Free website to host your podcast on
An RSS feed
Plenty of monetization options
Managing podcast subscribers
Excellent support

Pros of Podcastics

For a free podcast hosting platform, the features are very impressive
Their cheap podcast hosting plans (that include fully done-for-you hosting) are some of the best bargains in the industry
One of the easiest platforms to learn and use for managing your show

Cons of Podcastics

While their free plan is pretty great you’ll have to upgrade to a paid option to unlock features like true, done-for-you hosting, an embeddable podcast player, statistics, reviews & ratings

Podcastics Podcast Hosting Verdict

Podcastics is worthy of sitting high on your shortlist of the best podcast hosting platforms to compare (and try out). With an impressive free offering, very affordable (fully featured) upgrade plans starting at just $8.00/mo and excellent support, you should definitely consider Podcastics in the running for your podcast hosting provider. You can head over here to give it a free test today.

Another podcast hosting platform that’s become a regular fixture in the industry over the last few years is PodBean—and for good reason.

One reason PodBean is a fan favorite is that it has a plan for every podcaster, from novice to pro. Their free podcast hosting plan comes with a very generous 5 hours of content per month and 100GB of bandwidth. Basic analytics are also part of the free plan, as is a PodBean-hosted website that can be turned on (and dedicated to just your podcast).

Once you outgrow their free plan, here’s what you need to budget for when upgrading to PodBean’s cheapest podcast hosting plans:

Features of PodBean Podcast Hosting

Another reason PodBean is loved by so many is that it comes with a rich feature set that includes:

Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Embeddable players
Free podcast site
Automatic social sharing (including YouTube uploads)
iOS and Android app
Website builder and themes

Pros of PodBean

Lots of monetization options
Has one of the best free podcast hosting plans
Makes it easy to grow as a podcaster
Highly customizable
Supports video podcasting on higher plans

Cons of PodBean

Many reviews mention relatively slow customer support

PodBean Podcast Hosting Verdict

Ultimately, it’s difficult to find any faults with PodBean—especially for the low $9.00/mo price point. Whether you go for their free (slightly limited) plan or upgrade to their affordable cheap podcast hosting plans, you’ll definitely get a lot of value from this podcast hosting platform and you can learn more about their plans right here.

When it comes to the best podcast hosting platforms that are genuinely 100% free with no strings attached, nothing can compare to Anchor—though it does come with two major limitations: (1) they don’t offer an embeddable podcast player and (2) your monetization capabilities are extremely limited. For these two reasons, I only recommend Anchor as a free podcast hosting platform if you go into it with the mindset that you’ll eventually need to migrate your show to a different (cheap) podcast hosting service at some point in the future when you’re ready to make money from your podcast.

From creation to hosting to distribution, you can do it all on Anchor. Being in Spotify’s stable, you can only expect the best services from this one of a kind podcast hosting platform.

So, which features do you get with Anchor as your podcast hosting service?

Features of Anchor Podcast Hosting

Being a free podcast hosting platform doesn’t mean subpar features when it comes to Anchor. Here’s what you can expect from this podcast hosting platform:

One-click podcast distribution
Analytics dashboard
Easy to use podcast creation tools

Pros of Anchor

100% free to use and host your podcast
Monetization opportunities through advertisements and sponsorships
No storage, bandwidth and channel restrictions
Automates almost every function
Easy to use guest calling function

Cons of Anchor

Extremely limited options to monetize your podcast (either direct sponsorship from Anchor or listener support via their internal platform—available only to U.S. customers)
No embeddable podcast player (a major drawback if you promote your podcast on your blog)
Doesn’t integrate well with any other websites

Anchor Podcast Hosting Verdict

If you’re looking for a 100% free podcast hosting platform, Anchor is it. However, this is not for professionals who want to control certain aspects of the podcast creation process, as the platform is heavily automated. And without the existence of an embeddable podcast player or other integration capabilities, Anchor should be treated as a short-term solution if you need to start with free podcast hosting today.

For beginners and hobbyists though, Anchor is an excellent platform that allows you to learn the ins-and-outs of podcasting without having to open your wallet just to get started.

Podiant is one of the newer kids on the podcast hosting block, but one that’s already giving the more established players a run for their money.

Built by Mark Steadman, a veteran podcaster and web developer, it was born out of the necessity of having a no-frills podcast hosting platform that is super easy to use. While its feature set has rapidly grown in the previous years, it still remains a lightweight and fast podcast hosting platform. And it’s not just the platform that’s lightweight, their pricing plans are also light on the pocket:

So what features can you expect from this minimalistic podcast hosting platform?

Features of Podiant Podcast Hosting

Podiant is a podcast hosting platform built for those who like to keep things simple. And this shows in their feature set:

Unlimited storage
Customizable website
Easy to use analytics dashboard
Production assistant

Pros of Podiant

User-friendly dashboard
Automatic social sharing
Guest scheduling function
Customizable podcast directory

Cons of Podiant

Feature set limited compared to other podcast hosting platforms

Podiant Podcast Hosting Verdict

Podiant is a great podcast hosting platform for those who want to upload their podcasts quickly and don’t mind missing out on the bells and whistles that other platforms have. In essence, it’s the best podcast hosting platform for those who’re looking for a minimalistic platform.

Another veteran podcast hosting platform comes in the form of Podomatic. This platform has been around since 2005 and has helped many a budding podcaster achieve their dreams.

Podomatic’s free plan offers 500MB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth per month as well as basic analytics. And that’s all you need to dip your toes into the world of podcasting. And unlike other podcast hosting platforms, Podomatic’s free plan has no expiration date.

Want to get more out of Podomatic? Then upgrade to their affordable, cheap podcast hosting plans and get more features and tools to use.

Speaking of features, let’s quickly take a look at some of the main ones you get from this veteran podcast hosting platform.

Features of Podomatic Podcast Hosting

Podcast player can be embedded on your website
Free podcast app for iOS and Android
Weebly powered podcast website

Pros of Podomatic

Podcasts can be played directly from Facebook and Twitter
Generate revenue through Patreon and Advertisecast

Cons of Podomatic

Storage and bandwidth limited on all plans except the Broadcaster plan
No real distinctive features that set it apart from the rest

Podomatic Podcast Hosting Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple podcast hosting platform that has a beginner-friendly user interface, then Podomatic is a good choice to experiment with. However, if you’re a regular podcaster who produces a lot of content, you’re better off going with a slightly more full-featured solution like BuzzSprout or Simplecast.

While it’s certainly more well-known for its music streaming service, SoundCloud also doubles as a pretty impressive podcast hosting platform that you can leverage to distribute your show to your audience (and possibly gain some extra exposure to SoundCloud users).

SoundCloud’s free plan affords you 3 hours of content per month and basic reporting. Upgrading to their SoundCloud Pro ($6/month) and Unlimited Pro ($12/month) plans gives you access to a more robust feature set that gives you the freedom to produce more content as well as promote it effectively. Let’s take a look at the features you’ll get with the Unlimited Pro plan.

Features of SoundCloud Podcast Hosting (Unlimited Pro)

Unlimited upload time
Scheduled releases,
Advanced analytics
Customizable embed controls

Pros of SoundCloud

You can pin five podcasts to your profile
SoundCloud’s social reach can give budding podcasters a boost

Cons of SoundCloud

Poor interface for podcasters
Free plan very limited

SoundCloud Podcast Hosting Verdict

While SoundCloud is a giant in the music industry, it still has a long way to go to become one of the true best podcast hosting platforms—but that shouldn’t hold you back from giving it a test run if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for the best podcast hosting platform, then you’ll have to consider Spreaker as another option in the running.

What makes Spreaker one of the best podcast hosting platforms is the feature-rich free plan. This comes with 5 hours of content and 15 minutes of live streaming as well as allowing you to host multiple shows. It’s also one of the few podcast hosting platforms that come with episode scheduling in its free plans.

Makes you wonder what you get with their paid plans, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that they’re still cheap compared to many of the most popular podcast hosting platforms out there today:

Features of Spreaker Podcast Hosting

Upgrading to Spreaker’s paid (but still cheap podcast hosting plans) will open up a whole world of podcasting possibilities, thanks to features such as:

Advanced analytics
Customizable RSS feeds
Ability to limit access to podcasts
Longer live streaming intervals

Pros of Spreaker

Lots of monetization options
Customizable podcast player
Excellent distribution options
Tons of features available on the free plan

Cons of Spreaker

Lacks website option
No production features

Spreaker Podcast Hosting Verdict

Spreaker is a great podcast hosting platform that offers a lot of storage and helps you easily distribute your podcast. It’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking to start podcasting or simply want to switch podcast hosting platforms.

Blubrry has been in the podcast hosting business since 2005. The experience the brand has gained over the years has unquestionably made them one of the best podcast hosting platforms around, so let’s explore their offerings.

One thing that makes Blubrry so popular, is that it leverages WordPress and their proprietary PowerPress podcasting plugin to offer an optimized podcast website, though you can also choose to use a podcast website builder like Podcastpage to easily create a site for your podcast. The only real drawback to Blubrry, is that they don’t offer a free podcast hosting plan option for customers to try things out—you’ll have to go straight to a paid, yet still comparably cheap podcast hosting plan.

Features of Blubrry Podcast Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth
Limited storage (except on the Professional plan) but with 25% overage allowance at no cost
Video podcast option for all plans above the Small plan
Easy to use and customizable podcast player

Pros of Blubrry

Easy to migrate from another podcast hosting platform
Excellent support via email, phone, and video call
Lot’s of marketing tools

Cons of Blubrry

No free plan
Only the professional plan can be monetized

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Verdict

Blubrry is definitely one of the best podcast hosting platforms for those who want to podcast professionally. Feature-rich and with plenty of tools to help you promote your podcast, Blubrry gives you a great chance to get your voice heard.

Libsyn is one of the longest running podcast hosting platforms around—going all the way back to 2004. They also offer one of the cheapest podcast hosting plans starting at just $5.00/month. This price point alone makes it a contender for the top podcast hosting platforms you’ll come across.

Like Blubrry, Libsyn doesn’t offer a free podcast hosting plan to try before you buy. But their paid (still very cheap podcast hosting plans) cater to a pretty wide range of podcasters—including some of my own favorites like Dan Carlin of Hardcore History.

Features of Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth
Video and audio podcasting
Episode scheduling
HTML5 media player
Customizable mobile app ($10/month extra)

Pros of Libsyn

Easy WordPress integration
Wide distribution network
Monetization opportunities

Cons of Libsyn

Limited storage
Add ons come at a cost and can quickly inflate the cost

Libsyn Podcast Hosting Verdict

Libsyn is a great podcast hosting platform for those who don’t upload a lot of content, as their storage is limited (on their lowest price plan). And for podcasters who understand podcast hosting and want to pay for only those features they need, it could be the best podcast hosting platform for you.

For those looking to podcast professionally as opposed to podcasting as a hobby, one of the best podcasting platforms you can use is Transistor.

Trusted by big brands like Drift, Ionic, Laravel and more, Transistor doesn’t disappoint when it comes to professional-grade podcasting. As you can expect, quality comes at a price, and Transistor’s base price tag comes in at $19/month.

You can try out the platform for free for 14-days if you want to check out it’s capabilities.

Features of Transistor Podcast Hosting

So what features are driving brands like Basecamp to switch podcast hosting platforms to Transistor? Especially since Transistor is basically in its diapers, having been launched in 2017.

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Global content delivery network (CDN)
Customizable podcast website
Detailed analytics
Embeddable audio player
Supports multiple users

Pros of Transistor

Integrates with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip
No restrictions on the number of episodes you can upload
Built-in RSS feed generator
Powerful marketing tools

Cons of Transistor

No free plan currently offered

Transistor Podcast Hosting Verdict

Transistor is definitely one of the best podcast hosting platforms out there. It provides podcasters with everything they need to produce, publish, and promote their podcasts. Get past their slightly hefty price tag as a starting point and you have yourself a winner. You can check them out and see all of their features right here.

Captivate is another relatively new player in podcast hosting circles. Yet despite that, it’s getting a lot of attention already, as they’ve helped lots of podcasters to grow their audiences and revenue figures.

Unfortunately, Captivate doesn’t offer a free plan. However, you can sign up for a 7-day trial to take it for a spin, if you want to try out their impressive features. Paid, yet still relatively cheap podcast hosting plans with Captivate start at $19.00/month, so it’s not the cheapest option on the market today.

Features of Captivate Podcast Hosting

Dubbed as a growth-oriented podcast hosting platform, Captivate was designed to help independent podcasters single-handedly take their podcasts from zero to zenith. Here are some of the features that will help you do just that:

Unlimited podcasts
Unlimited team members
Powerful analytics
Batch uploading
Customizable website with built-in donation support
Built-in opt-in forms and calls-to-action to help you grow your email list

Pros of Captivate

Intuitive user interface
Guides you along every step of the publishing process
Lots of monetization options
New features constantly being rolled out

Cons of Captivate

Priced a little bit higher than other podcast hosting platforms

Captivate Podcast Hosting Verdict

For a new kid on the block, Captivate is doing a lot of things well. They definitely to be on your shopping list if you’re a solo content producer who needs a podcast hosting platform that’s both easy to use and focused on helping to grow your podcast.

The brainchild of the prolific content creator, Pat Flynn, Fusebox was created to fill the gaps overlooked by platform developers.

Unlike most of the podcast hosting platforms on this list, Fusebox is a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish as well as display your podcast on your website. It comes with a limited free version and an $8/month subscription.

Features of Fusebox Podcast Hosting

One of the main aims of Fusebox is to be a podcast player that not only plays natively on your website but one that will hook your website visitors. Here are some of the features that were built to do just that:

Email capture
Social sharing buttons
Speed control
Fully customizable

Pros of Fusebox

Beautiful podcast player
Host migration
Lot’s of marketing tools

Cons of Fusebox

Only works on WordPress websites

Fusebox Podcast Hosting Verdict

Fusebox is a great solution for bloggers that want podcast hosting that’s designed to work seamlessly with their WordPress websites—and have some existing traffic to grow their podcast audience fast.

Podcast websites is an all-in-one solution designed to help you succeed at podcasting.

Podcast Websites is one of the best podcast hosting platforms for those who want a turnkey solution to get their podcast up and running fast. However, this done for you solution comes at a price – and a hefty one at that.

Features of Podcast Websites Podcast Hosting

Podcast Websites was designed for those who want to dive head in into podcasting as is seen by the robust feature set:

WordPress website with unlimited pages
Unlimited landing pages
Unlimited podcast episodes
Unlimited bandwidth
Daily backups
SEO tools

Pros of Podcast Websites

Launch and promotion tools
Top-notch security
All-in-one platform that gives you everything you need to create, publish, and distribute your podcasts

Cons  of Podcast Websites

You can only host one show. Additional shows incur extra charges

Podcast Websites Verdict

Podcasting Websites is definitely not priced for hobbyists or those podcasting just for fun. The platform was created for professional podcasters who want to squeeze everything out of podcasting efforts—and grow their podcasting business to new heights.

An RSS feed is the core feature of every podcast hosting platform. And that’s what makes FeedPress rank among the best podcast hosting platforms.

Being a leader in RSS feeds, one of FeedPress’s strengths is detailed feed analytics. Pricing is a bit complicated as you pay for feed analytics and podcast hosting separately. Podcast hosting is calculated using a sliding scale.

FeedPress comes with 400MB audio storage to start with the option to purchase additional storage as per requirement.

Features of FeedPress Podcast Hosting

Unlimited podcast feeds
Advanced tracking and analytics
Embedded player
RSS to email

Pros of FeedPress

Flexible file storage
Superb feed management and analytics

Cons of FeedPress

No real outstanding features
Complicated pricing structure

FeedPress Podcast Hosting Verdict

Despite offering excellent feed management and analytics, FeedPress still lacks a few other features that other platforms have. It’s a great platform for those just starting out and those who want to keep tabs on audience insights.

Don’t let the strange name fool you, Whooshkaa is no stranger to podcast hosting.

Hailing from Down Under (Australia) Whooshkaa makes it on this list of the best podcast hosting platforms mainly because of the way the platform is dynamic. It easily adapts to your podcasting needs.

While the paid plans may be pricier than most competitors, Whoshka also has a free plan that offers a lot of flexibility. This is also where Whooshkaa shines as one of the best podcast hosting platforms as the free plan comes with a generous 5GB of storage and 1000 ad impressions.

Features of Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting

Features-wise, Whooshka delivers a lot of value, making it well worth the investment. Here are some of the features you’ll get:

Unlimited episodes
Automated transcription
Video highlights
Supports multiple users
Private subscriber function

Pros of Whooshkaa

Monetization opportunities (even on the free plan)
Cons of Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting
Lots of integrations available
Generous storage

Cons of Whooshkaa

Paid plans are pretty expensive compared to alternative podcast hosting platforms

Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting Verdict

Whooshkaa can easily be the best podcast hosting platform for professional podcasters. The only caveat to it is the hefty price tag.

One of the best podcast hosting platforms as far as pricing goes, is Podcast Garden—though they’re a bit rough around the edges from a design and user experience standpoint.

One of the things users love about this platform is its simple interface and ease of use. Even without any technical knowledge, you can quickly get up to speed on how podcasting works and produce award-winning podcasts.

Features of Podcast Garden Podcast Hosting

Free as long as you publish one episode a month, it’s a great option for those still testing the podcasting waters. Upgrading to the $2.99/month plan (which is the only plan available) gives you access to more features such as:

Secure back ups of your podcast
Audio and video podcasts
Unlimited number of episodes
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited file storage

Pros of Podcast Garden

Lots of features for the price

Cons of Podcast Garden

Basic analytics
The interface is a bit dated

Podcast Garden Podcast Hosting Verdict

Podcast Garden is definitely one of the best podcast hosting platforms for beginners. It’s affordable, super-easy to use, and a great platform to learn the ins and outs of podcasting.

Audioboom makes my list of the best podcast hosting platforms for two main reasons—they do much more than just podcast hosting, they actually help podcasters work to grow their audiences and monetize their podcasts.

With an easy to use, very straightforward platform, Audiobloom also makes it easy on your budget with their simple and affordable podcast hosting plans.

With only 2 plans, Audioboom’s pricing structure is easy to understand. The Podcasters Plan (their cheapest podcast hosting plan) starts at a very affordable $9.99/month and affords you up to 10,000 plays. Once you cross that threshold, you’ll have to get in touch with Audioboom’s sales team to create a more custom tailored plan (Podcast Pro).

But the good news with reaching that number of monthly listeners, is that you’ll be more than capable of soliciting sponsors who will pay to reach your audience—and help offset the costs of keeping your podcast running (like getting the best podcast hosting).

Features of Audioboom Podcast Hosting

Because Audioboom is dedicated to growth and monetization, their plans are packed with features to back that up:

Unlimited episode uploads per month
Advanced analytics
Sponsorship opportunities
Access to Audioboom’s targeted ad-network
Embeddable players for websites and social media

Pros of Audioboom

Allows for contributor accounts
Simple and easy to use
Great distribution network
Dynamic ad insertion
Amazing value for money

Cons of Audioboom

Limitations on the number of episodes you can publish (up to 5)
High threshold of plays needed to hit Podcast Pros plan
No app

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Verdict

Audioboom is a great option for podcasters looking for a no-frills podcast hosting platform that offers great revenue generation options.

If you’re looking for one of the best podcast hosting solutions as far as premium hosting plans are concerned, then look no further than Castos.

With flexible and easy to understand pricing, Castos makes choosing the best podcasting plan for you easy.

Features of Castos Podcast Hosting

No matter where you are on your podcasting journey, Castos has everything you need to grow and reach your goals—and is particularly well-suited for those that ready to take their podcasts seriously. This includes features like:

Unlimited number of podcasts
Unlimited bandwidth
Customizable podcast website
Episode transcriptions
Supports video for Growth and Pro plans

Pros of Castos

Simple and easy to use
Comes with a WordPress plugin (for embedding episode players)
Private podcasting option

Cons of Castos

No direct revenue generation options

Castos Podcast Hosting Verdict

With a minimalistic interface yet powerful features, Castos is an excellent choice amongst podcast hosting platforms, especially if you’re ready to take your podcasting seriously—or as a platform to upgrade to once you have a little more budget to invest in their Growth or Pro plans (where you’ll really unlock their most impactful features).

Resonate Recordings offers one of the best Podcast hosting platforms that offers a turnkey solution to your foray into podcasting.

While the platform doesn’t have a free plan, they do offer a 14-day trial if you’re interested in trying out its capabilities. Once the trial period is over, you can upgrade to their paid plans that start at $25/month.

Features of Resonate Recordings Podcast Hosting

Resonate offers a solid set of features to help you launch and grow your podcast. These include:

One-click publishing
Podcast microsite
Unlimited bandwidth
Analytics dashboard with detailed insights
Embeddable podcast player

Pros of Resonate Recordings

A solid and reliable podcast hosting platform
Live chat support (phone and Slack channel support available on Professional plan)

Cons of Resonate Recordings

Pricing is somewhat restrictive compared to competitors

Resonate Recordings Podcast Hosting Verdict

Resonate Recordings should definitely make it on your shortlist of the best podcast hosting platforms. Offering reliability and excellent service, you can never go wrong by partnering with the platform.

How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Platform for You: 6 Factors to Consider

With so many platforms jostling to be the best podcast hosting platform, settling on one that’s perfect for you can be quite a daunting task. Here are a few pointers to help you sift out those that aren’t suitable for your needs:

Storage capacity: How much storage do you need? If you don’t produce many episodes, look for options with less storage.
Bandwidth: If your podcasts get downloaded a lot, you’ll have to consider a platform that offers generous bandwidth.
Analytics: Analytics play an important role in helping you understand your audience and market to them better. If possible, never compromise on this feature.
Integrations: The best podcast hosting platforms are those that easily integrate with other tools, websites, and platforms. This will help you easily promote, manage, and grow your podcast.
Monetization support: If revenue generation is part of your podcasting goals, it goes without saying that you must invest in a podcast platform that gives you flexibility in this area.
Budget: How much can you spare on a podcasting platform? Take that into consideration as you shop around. There are lots of budget-friendly options that afford you all the features you need to get started.

So, what’s it going to be? Depending upon which of these factors are most important to your podcasting goals, here are the podcast hosting platforms I’d recommend:

Overall Best Podcast Hosting: Simplecast. If you’re serious about podcasting and you’re willing to invest a little bit for the absolute best podcast hosting platform on the market, then Simplecast is hands down your best move. Signing up for one of their plans right here is super easy. Plus, if you use my special offer code ONSIMPLECAST during the checkout process, you’ll get 50% off your first 2 months.
Best Budget-Friendly (Fully Featured) Podcast Hosting: Buzzsprout. If you’re on a tighter budget, but want your podcast hosting to come with more features than you’ll get out of Anchor’s free plan, then it doesn’t get any better than Buzzsprout as a budget-friendly podcast hosting platform. On their lowest priced plan (at just $12.00/mo), you’ll get access to your episodes being stored indefinitely, advanced audience statistics, the ability to collaborate with other team members and more. At this price point, Buzzsprout is a bargain in the budget-friendly podcast hosting category.
Best Free Podcast Hosting: Anchor. Despite the fact that many cheap podcast hosting platforms offer their own versions of limited free plans to get you started, Anchor’s is by far the most robust if you need a free service today. Since the tool is owned by Spotify, they’re able to be genuinely 100% free with no strings or upsells attached—however, it’s important to know that they do have limitations that don’t make them the best choice if you want your podcast to eventually be a profitable show. Keep these two factors in mind: (1) they don’t offer an embeddable podcast player and (2) your monetization capabilities will be somewhat restricted—and for that reason I recommend going with either Buzzsprout or Simplecast as affordable podcast hosting options.
Best Podcast Website Builder: Podcastpage. If your podcast hosting is locked in and you’re looking for an easy solution to simply build a website for promoting your podcast, then I highly recommend using an affordable podcast website builder like Podcastpage. They have an incredibly easy-to-use suite of visual website building tools that are designed specifically around podcasting, and their pricing starts at just $8.00/mo (and begins with a free 14 day trial).

Now, let’s quickly cover a few of the most frequently asked questions I get about podcast hosting from my own readers & listeners:

Podcast Hosting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Hosting)

Because these some of these questions & answers may not be as relevant to everyone here, I made it so you can quickly click to expand each of the questions below—and get my advice.

What is the best podcast hosting site?

Through my experience testing out all of the podcast hosting platforms here on this list over the past couple of years, the absolute best podcast hosting site is Simplecast, hands down. The reason I recommend them as the #1 podcast hosting platform, is because it’s incredibly easy to learn, use and their technical support team is very adept at helping you troubleshoot any challenges you’re having with your podcast.

While Simplecast doesn’t offer the cheapest podcast hosting plans on the market today, if you do choose them to host your show, you’ll get the highest level of service, support and quality hosting out there. On top of that, they provide some of the best podcast analytics—diving into who’s listening to your podcast, where in the world your audience is tuning in from and they frequently publish actionable educational content for their customers to keep growing their shows.

I seriously couldn’t recommend them more highly (which is why I host my own podcast on Simplecast). Signing up for one of their plans right here is fast and easy. Plus, if you use my special offer code ONSIMPLECAST during the checkout process, you’ll get 50% off your first 2 months of trying things out.

Where can I host my podcast for free?

The best platform to host your podcast for free today is Anchor, where you’ll be able to get 100% no strings attached, free podcast hosting.

Although virtually every one of the cheap podcast hosting platforms I’ve broken down in this guide still offer their own versions of limited free plans to get you started, Anchor has the most full-featured free product if you’re on a tight budget and can’t pay for podcast hosting today. Since Anchor is owned by parent company Spotify, they have the financial backing to be free without any strings attached.

However, there are a couple of big limitations that come into the picture when you choose Anchor to host your podcast… making them far from the best choice if you want your podcast to eventually make money one day. For one, Anchor doesn’t offer an embeddable podcast player that you can use to embed episodes directly into posts on your blog. Second, your monetization capabilities are extremely limited—right now, only podcasters in the U.S. can monetize their shows on Anchor, and that’s done solely through either a direct Anchor sponsorship or listener support. Not the best options for most podcasters, until you have a very large audience listening.

For these two major reasons, I recommend going with either Buzzsprout for your podcast hosting if you’re on a tight budget, or Simplecast if you have a little bit more to spend for a higher level of podcast hosting service.

Which is better for podcast hosting, PodBean or Buzzsprout?

Between PodBean and Buzzsprout, I personally believe Buzzsprout is a better podcast hosting provider.

While Buzzsprout’s paid plans start at $12.00/mo for their podcast hosting and PodBean begins at $9.00/mo, the feature set and support you’ll get from Buzzsprout is a level above what I’ve experienced on PodBean. Buzzsprout is also built more with features that are designed to grow & scale with your show over time—like quickly listing your podcast on every popular listening platform, advanced analytics, audio enhancement & editing tools, automatic transcription tools, beautiful embeddable podcast players and more. While PodBean does offer some of these similar features, their quality, usability and flexibility just don’t quite stack up the same, in my opinion.

Regardless, both companies do offer a limited free podcast hosting plan that you can try things out on—so if you’re still on the fence, it doesn’t hurt to give them a side-by-side test run to see which you prefer. You can sign up for Buzzsprout’s free plan right here and give PodBean’s free plan a test right here.

Do I need a podcast host?

Yes, if you want your podcast to appear on listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and elsewhere, then you’ll need a podcast host in order to get your show online & available through listening devices.

In this guide, we’ve broken down a ton of options for both free and cheap podcast hosting plans to compare and contrast from, which should make your decision that much easier.

Have another question about podcast hosting that I haven’t addressed yet? Please ask away in the comments below and I’ll reply with my best advice 🙂

Now finally, a few words of parting advice for choosing your best podcast hosting platform from all the options on the market today.

The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021: It’s Time Your Voice is Heard

As a content creator first, podcasting should no longer be an afterthought of an option for delivering solutions to your audience. It’s a very powerful channel that can help you both reach new audiences and build stronger relationships with your existing community. Not only that, but podcasting can also help you add a substantial extra source of income to your business.

Use this list of the best podcast hosting platforms to help settle on the one that’s best for you.

If you have questions about choosing the right platform, ask away in the comments below! I’ll reply quickly.

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