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20 free title generator tools for better headlines

20 free title generator tools for better headlines

While we do everything we can to entice users to read our content from start to finish, the harsh reality is that most readers are frothier when consuming online content.

The old adage is that for every 10 visitors, eight will read your headline, but only two will continue to read the rest of the article. What’s more, you need to get them to your page in the first place, and often they make that decision based on the title they see in search and social.

It is important to write magnetic headlines to attract more visitors to your site.

Fortunately, there are free title generator tools available to help you write headlines that are concise, clickable, and SEO-friendly.

In this column you will find the best free title generators that you can use to write better headlines and make every click count.

Why use free title generator tools?

Boring, poorly optimized headlines can be one of the reasons why your content marketing falls flat. Your blog post and web page headlines play an important role in pulling clicks from the SERPs and social media.


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Free title generator tools help you create engaging headlines to get users interested in your content. These tools use automated technology to put together effective headlines based on what typically works best across a range of marketing channels.

Do these overall tools actually work?

Free title generator tools work by suggesting clickable, descriptive titles.

However, there are limitations. Free tools are often not the most advanced when it comes to SEO and certainly do not understand your target audience as well as you.

When using these tools, remember your audience. Consider what they are looking for, what they find most engaging, and how they interact with your existing content.

Also, be sure to use data-driven SEO tools to inform your keyword research and on-page optimization.

Free title generator tools for better headlines

Using title generators can significantly reduce the time (and brainpower) it takes to write creative headlines from scratch.


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While these tools are not perfect, the ideas generated can be great starting points for your latest article headlines.

Here are the best free title producers and generators you can use to write the best article headlines with ease.

1. HubSpot: Generator of blog ideas

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator presents one of the best tools to come up with creative blog posts and creative headlines.

Just enter a noun as the primary focus of your article and HubSpot’s tool will come up with a list of five headlines for free.

There is also an option to access a year’s worth of article ideas with a paid HubSpot subscription.

2. HOTH: Blog Topic Headline Title Generator

HOTH is a popular content creation and marketing provider that offers a variety of tools that business owners and marketers can use.

Their free blog topic Headline Title Generator allows you to create headlines with the touch of a button to help you get the most clicks for your articles.

You can even specify your chosen keyword, audience and more to customize the headline to best suit your content and niche.

3. SEOPressor: Generator of blog titles

SEOPressor’s blog title generator gives users access to endless article suggestions, eye-catching headlines, and thoughtful blog topics to increase their content marketing.

Just add your target keyword and whether the phrase is a place, a brand, a person, etc., and SEOPressor will generate a headline to match.

4. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent is another fan favorite when it comes to generating ideas for content and headlines.

Content Idea Generator offers a wealth of article topics to tackle on your blog and will provide more headline options to make it easier to write your titles.

You can use these titles for your blog articles, podcast episodes or videos.

5. Content line: Headline generator

Content Row offers a simple headline generator to come up with headline ideas, blog titles, video titles and more.

This is a great tool if you do not want all the bells and whistles that the other generators have to offer.


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Just enter your main topic and let Content Row get to work. You can also analyze existing headlines for quality and “clickability”.

6. Tweak Your Biz: Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz’s title generator boasts title optimization features that can drive 50% more traffic to your site.

It also claims to help you generate tweets and Facebook Likes for more engagement in social media. Just enter your topic and go!

7. CoSchedule: Headline Analyzer

One of the best hacks for writing great headlines is to analyze headlines that already rank high in search and do well across marketing channels.

The CoSchedules Headline Analyzer helps you assess what works so you can apply this insight to your own headlines.

Write headlines backed by data to achieve the highest marketing performance for content.

8. SumoMe: Kickass Headline Generator

Forgive our French, but SumoMes Kickass Headline Generator is one of the best for writing, yes, kickass headlines.

Use a variety of options to choose the type of content you want to generate a headline for, and SumoMe will get you started.


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Choose from “Legendary” to “Controversial” to “Do-it-yourself” to write headlines that definitely grab views.

9. BlogAbout: Generator of blog titles

BlogAbout’s sleek Blog Title Generator tool is super intuitive and makes it easy to create headlines with a few clicks.

No need to rethink your blog titles when you have BlogAbout to do most of the work.

This tool also claims to help users triple their traffic with better headlines and CRO.

10. Advanced Marketing Institute

Don’t let the smart name fool you – the Advanced Marketing Institutes Headline Analyzer is a user-friendly tool that analyzes the effectiveness of your headlines.

Just enter your headline and this free tool analyzes it to determine its EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) – a measure to assess the emotional appeal of your post title.

11. Incoming Now’s header templates

Inbound Now’s headline tool takes a different format by providing automatically generated headline templates. Overcome author block with a simple “Click to generate title idea” and in-depth now has got you covered.


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Find headline templates like:

That [Insert Well Known Industry Expert] The way to [Problem Solving Keyword]How to recover from one [Common Problem Keyword]Why your [Keyword] missing the mark (and how to fix it)

12. FatJoe: ​​Blog Post Title Headline Generator

FatJoe’s popular headline generator tool enables users to generate over 100 blog post ideas in seconds.

Stumped on how to come up with a title for your latest blog post? You never run out of opportunities here.

Enter your chosen topic or focus keywords for a clickable, SEO-friendly headline.

13. Copywriting Course: Title Generator

Kopywriting Kourse offers a treasure trove of copywriters, content writing and content marketing tools for writers, marketers and business owners.

The title generator tool helps users generate over 100 titles for videos, articles, emails and more to make their content stand out.

Use this free resource for almost endless headline ideas.

14. Review: Headline Analyzer

How engaging is your headline? Sharethroughs Headline Analyzer has the answer.


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Enter the headline of your blog post to generate a simple report on how your title measures up in terms of quality, readability, engagement, impression and more.

This is one of the more comprehensive tools for assessing the effectiveness of your headlines.

15., as the domain name suggests, is a free tool for generating titles that allows users to create great headlines.

This tool boasts the ability to generate over 700 titles for ad campaigns, blog posts, emails and more.

Just enter your keyword and get headlines in seconds.

16. Content Majestic: Generator of blog titles

Write majestic headlines with Content Majestic’s Blog Title Generator. Content Majestic makes the steps as simple as possible so you can easily create headlines:

Enter your keyword in the first tab. Select the format of the keyword. Click “Go”.

This tool is effective in saving time and helps you brainstorm topics and creative titles.


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Content Majestic even says, “If you lack creativity or need a kickstart to your technology-related content, this is the tool for you.”

17. Trives: Headline Optimizer

Analyze your headlines and optimize them as a boss with Thrive Theme’s Headline Optimizer. Thrive provides a number of resources to help you write better headlines, calculate click-throughs, and test your headlines for results.

18. Respond to the public: Seek listening tools

Answer the Public is a “search listening tool” that helps users come up with smart marketing ideas.

The tool identifies which topics and questions users are most looking for and then creates a web of engaging content ideas.

Users love Answering the public for its engaging interface, humorous branding and raw search insight.

Top tips for writing headlines

Whether you use free parent generator tools or not, it is good to know the best ways to write headlines. Here are some top tips for writing effective article headlines:

Keep it simple

The best headlines are simple, easy to read and get right to the point. Do not bury the subject of your article under a lot of superfluous adjectives; makes the main topic obvious. If it needs comprehensive clarification, it is not simple enough.


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Keep them short

Headings of 6-7 words tend to perform better than longer headings. These headlines are just long enough to provide information on what the article is about.

Use numbers

Numbers indicate measurable information and are a striking addition to an otherwise boring headline. Listicles are some of the most popular articles, for example, as readers tend to click on an article that summarizes the “best of” for the topic they are looking for.

Do not forget SEO

Your headlines should not only be clickable, but searchable. Including a focus keyword in your headline can help your article rank in organic search and draw more site visitors from Google and other search engines.

Add interesting adjectives

While it’s best to state the obvious in your headlines, it does not mean that your titles should be boring. Including an interesting adjective can help your article stand out on social media or against similar articles in the search results.


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Write magnetic headlines with the best tools

Online headline generators make it easy to write mindful headlines that attract website visitors, increase social media engagement, build brand awareness and more.

You do not have to rely on your own creative skills to come up with post titles – there are plenty of automated tools that will make it heavy for you.

Improve your SEO content with the right tools so you can generate more traffic, increase conversions, and grow your business without breaking the bank. Free title maker tools can help you get there.

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