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18 highest rated tools for social media

18 highest rated tools for social media

The right social media software can really change your life!

I have used them all and am constantly testing different options. Mostly I do this because I want to be able to make the right recommendations to staff and students in my class at the University of California San Diego.

Today I want to share some of my favorite social media marketing tools that you can use to boost your business.

Let’s get started!

This Salesforce social media tool is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for collaborative social media management. It offers a suite for publishing and planning, tools for customer engagement, integration of third-party services, and in-depth analytics. A particular strength of this social media software is its ability to insert industry-specific trend information from third-party sources. It also has good custom analytics and strong customer response tools.

Social studySocial study

The AgoraPulse social media app lets you run analytics, contests, moderation, publishing, and other aspects of your company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter games, including social media mentions with a single social inbox. Instead of the dashboard approach, you see in some other social media management software and social media management tools that you can use a menu to select items to trade on, and then name the app archives you have acted.

HootSuite is one of the best social media tools because it allows you to manage and plan your Facebook, Foursquare, Google+ pages, LinkedIn, Mixi, Twitter and WordPress accounts with one dashboard. It also has an apps feature that allows you to include Evernote, Flickr, Gmail, Instagram, MailChimp, Reddit, Statigram, Tumblr, YouTube and other social media in your streams. Hootsuite even offers extensions for Firefox and Chrome that allow you to type without even having the dashboard open.

Hootsuite dashboard watches Twitter streamsHootsuite Dashboard: Twitter Streams

Sprout Social organizes your information into six categories that are easy to digest: discovery, feeds, messages, publishing, reports and tasks. Discovery is a useful feature that sets this tool apart and gives you a list of followers, people who mention you in tweets, and people you interact with. You can see their profiles and decide if you should follow up and pursue them as a lead. “Feeds” allow you to identify useful content for your posts and monitor your business and competitors based on keywords. “Messages” connect your profiles in a single “smart inbox.”

The most useful feature of Sendible is its mass planning tool. It allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook in bulk, and you can also use smart queues with preset time intervals or even use what Sendible calculates as “optimal” time intervals. You can also follow, retweet, send messages and stop following automatically and find new followers using sentiment analysis, geo-targeting and keywords.

Tracx is a great choice for an overall measurement and publication of social media. It also retrieves information from a wide variety of sources, from basic social media sources like Facebook and Twitter, but also from other online sources. It can do this as it is a custom sentiment engine and as such you can set your own parameters and use tags to find information on all your monitored channels.

Octopost allows you to manage and measure across multiple social media channels and is specifically focused on the B2B area. It automatically adds code to your campaigns so you can see them in your Google Analytics, and the Oktopost social sharing plugin lets you easily share content through Firefox or Chrome. Oktopost also integrates well with, GoToWebinar, Marketo and Salesforce.

This is a great social media software option thanks to its use of automatic code insertions; you can use Oktopost to track and capture leads with code, and you can also set up content monitoring streams. Monitor responses to your shared content with your social inbox, and use message assets to predefine your content, use your predefined content as a template, or queue your content. You can also use Oktopost’s reporting features to evaluate your comments, content sharing, likes, generated leads and retweets.

Oktopost dashboardOktopost Dashboard

Full disclosure, I’ve been using a lot of Buffer lately and it’s great.

One of the most useful Buffer features is the Feedly / Buffer combination. This gives you an excellent source of RSS feeds to keep you updated and allows you to catch up on the hottest news and trends daily by using your Buffer without opening a browser window or app; it also lets you capture the URL and other details of everything you read quickly.

You can also use Followerwonk with Buffer to write with optimal timing, especially on Twitter. This combination lets you know exactly when your followers, followers of influencers in your industry and followers of your competitors are online and active so you can maximize your posts. It also makes it easy to set up an optimized schedule.

Stackla is social media software that helps you promote user-generated content. However, it is more than that. It is also an asset manager that stores all your media in one place. Best of all: Stackla allows you to publish directly from the platform. Send emails, push content to the web, and post an update on social media from a single admin console.

BuzzSumo is cloud-based social media software that helps you find the hottest content online. Why do you want to do that? So you can create similar content. The tool shows you which online blog posts and articles have the most shares on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. It also lets you spy on the competition.

TubeBuddy stands out among social media tools. This is because it is a one-stop-shop for many of your YouTube marketing needs. With TubeBuddy you get advanced video embedding, card templates, a comment filter, end screen templates, notification comments and direct publishing to Facebook. Oh, and you get it all with a Chrome extension. In other words, the tool becomes part of your browser.

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That.” It is a marketing automation and social media tool. If you like using social media software in your digital marketing efforts, you will find that IFTTT helps you get more done in less time. It does this by allowing you to set up rules that automate tasks. For example: “If anyone tweets me, send me an email.” There are countless similar rules you can set up with IFTTT.

Are you into influencer marketing? If so, then Onalytica is the social media software you’ve been looking for. In a nutshell, Onalytica finds leaders on social media who have the ability to influence people in your target market. Then you can reach out to these influencers to help promote your brand.

How would you put your social strategy on autopilot? If so, check out MeetEdgar. It’s social media software that lets you produce great posts without writing anything. You just enter a link to a blog post and the tool scans it and offers several variations of content that you can share. As the website says: MeetEdgar takes the time-consuming out of social media administration.

Audiense, formerly SocialBro, offers useful filters to identify relevant Twitter followers based on bio-keywords, Cred score, number of followers / followers and other factors. This social media software also suggests your maximum engagement times and supports Buffer so you can use those times wisely. It also allows you to compare your performance with those in your industry and track your interactions with others through Audiense for future use.

Sprinklr’s full suite of social media software gives you analytics, lets you measure engagement easily and accurately, and allows you to easily analyze, track, and maintain multiple social networks. Its Social Intent Revelation Engine (SIREn) platform lets your business engage with your customers on a large scale and keep your brand voice consistent across social media platforms.


Mention is a social media management software tool that offers a number of handy features. The “Listen” feature allows users to monitor important conversations across different social media channels. With the monitor function, you can analyze competitors’ social media strategies and interact with the most important influencers in your niche.


This scheduling app has become popular among Pinterest and recently Instagram users. It recommends the best times to write on so you can get the highest commitment. It also makes Instagrammers’ lives a lot easier by letting them plan their posts in minutes. On Pinterest, you can also easily bulk upload and schedule posts with the drag-and-drop calendar.

Frequently asked questions

What are social media marketing tools?

Social media marketing tools can be used to help you analyze and streamline social media activities across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

2. What are the main types of social media marketing software?

You can divide social media marketing tools into four main categories:

Content Cultivation ToolsSocial Media Planning Apps Content Creation Tools Social Media Analysis Tools

3. What are the benefits of social media marketing?

As you run multiple social media advertising campaigns, you may want to consider using social media software to plan content and automate processes. With social media management software, you can ensure that the content you create reaches your target audience on the right channels at the right time.

4. What measurements should I measure on social media?

The metrics your brand uses to measure success depend heavily on your business goals. Here are the most common ways for marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing:

ImpressionsEngagementMentionsSocial referral trafficFollowers

5. How do I choose the best social media management software?

First, evaluate the tasks you want to perform on a daily basis. Then look at the options you would like it to have. Here are a few considerations that can help you brainstorm:

Social Networks Post Planning Custom Posting Times Teamwork Brand Monitoring Paid Social CampaignsAnalyticsIntegration


Few marketers have the bandwidth to monitor their social media channels throughout the day. Therefore, it is more effective to be more aware of how we devote time to social media. Use this article to review the 18 best social media management tools to help you streamline your online marketing efforts.

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