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10 strategies for each channel

10 strategies for each channel

Often referred to as the world’s “second largest search engine”, YouTube gives creators a chance to get their content viewed by over 1 billion people.

But with 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you may have noticed that your channel is not getting the viewership it deserves.

Let’s change that.

Today, we share all the secrets that have helped Ignite Visibility’s YouTube channel to shoot from 0 to 50,000 subscribers.

If you are ready to learn how to grow on YouTube and crush the competition, keep reading!

What we cover:

Take advantage of SEO Optimize videos for viewing time Add branding watermark Coverage YouTube cards Use stream playlists Join the YouTube community Create a video series Customize thumbnails Reply to comments Rank videos in Google search

Take advantage of SEO

Although YouTube is technically a social platform, it is also a search engine. When it comes to how to grow on YouTube, one of the best ways to get more views is by optimizing your videos for search.

In other words, when a viewer types your keyword into the search box, you want your video to be placed close to the top of the YouTube results list.

This is where a tool like Google Keyword Planner will come in handy. You can use it to see which keywords have many search queries but few videos. Then take those keywords and incorporate them into your video title, description, subtitles and other metadata.

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2. Optimize videos for viewing time

In addition to producing algorithm-friendly YouTube content, another thing you will want to pay close attention to is watch time.

In short, time refers to the time a viewer watches your videos measured in minutes and seconds. The term also includes the time someone spends on YouTube during a single session.

To maximize the viewing time of your videos, be sure to include titles and thumbnails that accurately reflect your content.

YouTube viewing time

3. Add branding watermark

If you’re still wondering how to grow your YouTube channel, Watermarking is the ultimate YouTube video hack.

Not only does it help with video theft protection, but a video that has a watermark allows viewers to subscribe to your channel from the video itself.

You can choose to use a watermark that is unique to your business or design one that resembles the regular YouTube subscription button.

YouTube has set some guidelines for custom subscription buttons:

Button should be in PNG or GIF format Should not exceed 1 MB Resolution should be 150 px x 150 px White preferred for image background You can use two colors YouTube Guidelines for Custom Subscribed Buttons

Take advantage of YouTube maps

If you have not heard of YouTube cards, you are not alone.

These are interactive elements that can be displayed at any time in the video. The maps often appear in the upper right corner of the screen while the video is playing, and may include images and external links.

By adding YouTube Maps, you have the option to add recommended videos at the exact time a viewer chooses to submit. Even if the map disappears after a few seconds, if not clicked on, those who end up clicking on the map will be taken to your other content and remain on your channel, increasing your channel’s ranking.

There are 5 different types of YouTube cards you can add to your videos:

Video or playlist: Promote your own video content. Channel: Promote a similar channel. Donation: Highlight a nonprofit of your choice and encourage subscribers to donate.Poll: Encourage viewers to take a multiple-choice vote.Link: Link to an approved site directly from YouTube.Amy Landino YouTube Map

5. Use Power Playlists

One of the most useful tips related to how to grow on YouTube involves organizing your content into “power playlists”.

Power playlists change games. They are like regular playlists, but better.

Instead of being organized by topic, power playlists are organized by results. By the result, I mean something tangible like “how to grow your YouTube channel fast” or “how to get higher Google rankings.”

By matching the user’s intent, you can increase the number of subscribers while providing value to your existing subscribers.

Promoting your YouTube videos is not the only way to grow your channel.

As YouTube is a video-sharing community, active participation in the YouTube community allows you to network, get feedback, and share interests with other content creators who share your goals.

7. Create a video series

YouTube video series are a win-win for both creators and viewers.

It allows creators to take responsibility for creating new, innovative YouTube content around a recurring theme without having to shake their brains for ideas.

For your subscribers, they have something to look forward to and also a reason to keep returning to your channel.

Take, for example, Bon App├ętit, which is a well-known foodie channel that has several series that make up their YouTube presence, including their popular “Take on Takeout” videos.

“Takes on Takeout” video playlist

8. Customize thumbnails

Another effective tactic to promote your YouTube channel is to create custom thumbnails.

You should see your title and thumbnail as part of a two-part package to capture the viewer’s attention.

By default, YouTube automatically retrieves a screenshot from a given video and assigns it a thumbnail. Unfortunately, the image it captures, sometimes blurred, dull or does not really convey the purpose of the video.

Creating your own custom thumbnails not only makes your videos look more professional, but does not have to be difficult.

Image creation tools like Canva can help you design a template to make your thumbnail image more consistent and on-brand.

If you’re still wondering how to grow on YouTube, this is one of the easiest ways to get more subscribers to respond to comments. This includes the negatives.

According to YouTube, “When creators take the time to interact with their loyal communities, it can encourage audience participation and ultimately result in a larger tab base.”

While being on top of comments can seem like a big chore, you can manage your YouTube presence using a platform like Hootsuite.

With Hootsuite, you can easily review, respond to, and / or moderate comments on your YouTube videos from one place.

10. Place videos in Google search

A critical, yet often overlooked, part of YouTube marketing is getting your videos to rank higher in Google search.

To do this, target keywords that already have a video section on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

As an example, the keyword “video marketing” has a video section. In most cases, if your video performs well enough on YouTube, Google may start showing your video in the SERPs.

Get YouTube videos ranked in Google search


Subscribers are bread and butter on any successful YouTube channel.

But when deciding how to grow on YouTube, the key is to develop content with both the viewers and the algorithm in mind. If you do, your clock time, game count, and engagement will bump up.

Remember – the more work you put into your channel now, the more it will pay off on the line.

Just keep the tips in this article in mind and watch your number of subscribers soar!

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